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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

Nov 2004 Intensive
Nov. 7-12 2004 NY

Seminar: Mystic Molecules: Marriage of Science and Spirituality - # 60002B

Instructor: Sondra Barrett

Faculty Bio: Sondra has a PhD in biochemistry and was on the faculty at University of California Medical School where she engaged in cancer research and helped develop psychosocial programs for children living with life-threatening illnesses. She teaches complementary and bodymind medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, sensory awareness and cellular memory throughout the United States and Esalen, CIIS and in Italy. Her work into spiritual dimensions of science evolved from studying movement and expressive arts with Anna Halprin, qigong with Master DaJin Sun, and shamanic apprenticeship with Tomas Pinkson. Her microscopic forays into the world of nature have delighted and educated people into the mystical and spiritual qualities of our molecules.

Course Description:Cells and the Sacred: Courtship Between Science and Spirituality.
The framework of our cellular biology holds spiritual teachings. If we learn to look and listen cells have a lot to tell us how to live our lives wholly. Our ancestors drew and enacted cell's sacred teachings in their art and ritual.

Through anatomy and architecture, molecular and cellular anthropology we will explore our cellular nature. We will construct a cell and learn its ways through movement, touch, scent and sound. We will explore the sacred tradition and art of the Medicine Wheel and the Labyrinth. We will plant our seeds for Future Generations.

Learning Objectives:


What is Life: The Divine Plan
Creating the Container: Cell as Sanctuary
To explore creation myths: mystical and molecular , common threads
What is Life, the divine plan: scientist and shaman
To explore ways of knowing: scientist as measurements and intellect; shaman as experience
To understand the basics of Cellular Architecture and the Medicine Wheel
In the Beginning Spiritual Practice: personal creation and myth-making: You as Cell


Molecular Archeology: Survival Messages
To fathom the basic messages of life - Recognize, Identity, Touch, Move
Communicate and Act, Duplicate, Respond , Repair, Rest, Restore, Resonate, Fight, Flight, Nurture
To discover how these messages inform all aspects of life, secular, cellular and spiritual.
Explore how the senses enhance cellular learning.
Understand basic skills of our cells in immune protection, sensual attraction, and gene repair.


The Cellular Shaman: Shape Shifting
To learn about cellular decision making: receptivity, affinity, choice: molecular coercions and cellular consciousness.
To explore tensegrity, a basic principle of design in buildings, cells and molecules.
To understand the fluid flexible webbing of our cells as change-maker, shaman and question whether spiritual practices come from our cell's behaviors.
To be able to use movement and art to restructure patterns of body and behavior.
To explore the heart of our cells, resonance.


Wisdom Keepers: Nature's Hidden Codes - Cellular Anthropology
Learn about the Big 3: the holy threesome and sacred geometry
Discover where in your cells and molecules sacred geometry tells its story
Explore cellular myth-making. Create your Cell-Celf
Walk the labyrinth to learn more.


Cell Wizardry and Gratitude:Divine Relationship
To learn about the focus abilities of the cell
Explore the idea about attention and assemblage points:Castaneda and sorcery
Discuss how we might change cellular patterns through movement, dance and touch
What do we take from the sacred nature of our cells out into the world tomorrows?

Required Reading:

  1. Ingber, Donald The Architecture of Life, Scientific American January 1998
  2. Barrett, Sondra Chapter 4. The Cellular Shaman in Mystic Molecules, Cells and the Sacred

Suggested Reading:

  1. Artress, Lauren Walking the Sacred Path
  2. Blum, Deborah (1997) Sex on the Brain: differences between men and women. Penguin
  3. De Chardin, Teilhard (1959) The Phenomenon of Man Harper and Row
  4. Hartley, Linda (1989) Wisdom of Body Moving North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA
  5. Juhan, Duane Job's Body
  6. Margulis, Lynn & Sagan, D (1986) Microcosmos University of California Press
  7. Narby, Jeremy (1998) The Cosmic Serpent Tarcher/Putnam
  8. Pearsall, Paul (1999) The Heart's Code Ballentine
  9. Rensberger, Boyce (1996) Life Itself: Exploring the Realm of the Living Cell Oxford University Press
  10. Schneider, Michael A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe
  11. Sheldrake, Rupert Morphic Resonance

Classic Sources Recommended for Students:

  1. Achterberg, Jeanne. Imagery in Healing
  2. Ackerman, Diane The Natural History of the Senses. Random House (1990)
  3. Arrien, Angeles Signs of Life Arcos Publishing Co., Sonoma, CA and The Tarot Handbook
  4. Castaneda, Carlos Magical Passes: Practical Wisdom of Shamans of Ancient Mexico,Harper Perennial (1998)
  5. Dossey, Larry. Meaning & Medicine. Bantam.
  6. Samuels, Mike and Nancy. Seeing with the Mind's Eye. History & Uses of Visualization. (1975

Class Writing Assignment: Choose one option for the pre-paper plus 3 pages on #9 and one option for the post-paper. Pre-paper 5-8 pages; Post-paper 5-15 pages

  1. What is life?What creation myth(s) inform your life?
  2. Explore the nature of tensegrity in a healing or spiritual experience or practice?
  3. How might consciousness function at a cellular level?
  4. Provide 4 examples of how ancient wisdom and art (such as yoga, mandala, medicine wheel) reflect cellular wisdom.Discuss them, feelings and evidence.
  5. Where in your own life have you been privy to molecular and cellular architecture clues?
  6. What is the myth of your cells?Enact it by planting your seed of intent.
  7. Using movement, senses, and inner listening explore and describe your sacred cellular wisdom and power.
  8. How do/did you experience the marriage of science and spirituality?
  9. What is your seed of intent, how do you expect to accomplish.Wait 3 months to send in your finishing story. (Extra credit - grade or course completion not dependent on this point.)

Your paper must evidence reference to the readings for the class and/or class discussion. A general personal journey paper without specific reflection on the readings or class discussion will be returned for rewriting.

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