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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

March 2004 Intensive
March 22-26 2004 CA

Seminar: Reinvention of Work: The Soul’s Purpose - # 60004A

Instructor: L. Robert Keck, M.Div., Ph.D                     .

Faculty Bio:    Academically, Robert Keck holds an undergraduate degree in sociology from Cornell College, a master’s degree in theology from Vanderbilt University, and a doctorate in the philosophy of health from Union Graduate School. Professionally, he has been a United Methodist minister, served on the medical school faculty of The Ohio State University, founded and managed a corporate wellness consulting firm, and was president of Boulder Graduate School. More recently, he served as the initial Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Global Community in Palo Alto, as scholar-in-residence at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, teaches at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, and lectures regularly at numerous nursing and medical schools.

Course Description:   This course will explore the ways in which we can find personal meaning and purpose in our work while examining the larger context within which we live — humanity’s evolution of Soul. In other words, how can we live out the text of our personal story of life and work, and experience the texture of our unique spiritual experience, within the context of today's Soul-level transformation of deep-values?


1.       To understand the methodology and content of "deep-value research"

2.       To explore the deep-values, respectively, of Epoch I, Epoch II, and Epoch III

3.       To examine, personally, how Epoch II and/or Epoch III deep-values are influencing one's approach to life and work

4.       To appreciate, in the microcosm of health-care, how the emerging Epoch III deep-values liberate new and unexpected personal empowerment in promoting health, preventing illness, and participating in one's own healing.

5.       To experience the synergy of discussing humanity's evolution of Soul, and one's own life choices, with one's classmates and the instructor


Monday: The methodology and content of deep-value research, and an exploration of the particular values that dominated Epoch I and Epoch II

Tuesday: Living within only the second transformation of Soul in humanity's entire   history of  spiritual evolution, and how we culturally and personally make the transition

Wednesday: A deeper examination of the emergent Epoch III deep-values that are in the process of transforming life on planet Earth, including the systemic issue of violence.

Thursday: The microcosm of health-care, and how today's transformation of deep-values are creating a future in which "miracle healings" and spontaneous remissions will become commonplace, and the recurrence of disease rare. It will also change dramatically the work of health-care, and the the health and well-being of health-care professionals.

Friday:  Wrapping up any content not yet covered, and any discussion remaining in order   to personalize the course's content.

Required Reading:

 1.                   L. Robert Keck. Sacred Quest: The Evolution & Future of the Human Soul (Chrysalis Books, 2000)

And/or…          Sacred Eyes  (Knowledge Systems, 1992)

And/or…(particularly if considering work within the field of health-care) Healing as a Sacred Path: A Story of Personal, Medical, and Spiritual Transformation (Chrysalis Books, 2002)   www.robertkeck.com

2.         Matthew Fox. The Reinvention of Work. ISBN: 0-06-063062-0   

Suggested Readings:

Any of the authors from the bibliography and notes within the required books, particularly anything by David Whyte

Pre-Class Writing Assignment:

Write a five-to-eight page paper (double spaced) on what your concepts of work entail prior to this class, and its relationship with your spiritual life, including how you see your own life making the transition from Epoch II to Epoch III.                                                        

Post-Class Writing Assignment:

After participating in this seminar, write another five-to-eight page paper (double spaced) on how and why your concepts of work, your spiritual life, and your living of Epoch III deep-values have changed--or not—because of this seminar.

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