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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

June 2003 Intensive
Week 2: June 16-20

Seminar: Transform Your Work - # 60004E

Instructor: Tanis Helliwell & Mel Bricker, D.Min.

Faculty Bio: Since 1976, Tanis Helliwell has assisted individuals and organizations to develop their potential. Her main focus is helping people to develop their spiritual intelligence in life and at work. She is the author of the best selling book, Take Your Soul to Work, and frequently consults and gives keynotes on this subject. She is a skilled workshop leader and a faculty member at The Banff Centre.

Her clients include IBM, Royal Bank, Alberta Medical Association, World Future Society (Washington, D.C.), David Suzuki Foundation, University of Calgary, and the CBC.

Her long-standing interest in other cultures led her in 1985 to create an educational tour company. She has led seminars, walking pilgrimages and tours to sacred sites of France, Great Britain, Ireland, Egypt, Peru, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, India and Greece. To learn more about Tanis and her work you may find more on the website: www.iitransform.com

Course Description: Based on the best-selling book Take Your Soul to Work by Tanis Helliwell, this class guides you to develop your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) in the world. This leads to an increase in personal and professional effectiveness that results in the positive transformation of your life and work. This class is about employing your skills and talents to create the work and world you desire. Increased self-knowledge and practical techniques related to your seven major energy centers help you achieve these goals.

Learning Objectives:

DAY 1:

To explore the Nature of Work
To understand how your work fits contributes
To examine what Percentage of Your Needs are Met in Your Job? Discovering Your Soul's Vision

DAY 2:

To become aware of your soul's vision
To understand how to balance Soul & Personality Needs
To explore the laws of manifestation
To learn about various personality styles

DAY 3:

To discover how self-deprecating talk affects energy
To examine the differences between IQ, EQ, SQ (spiritual intelligence)
To discover techniques to assess and increase energy

DAY 4:

To learn to 3 2 1 system to cultivate people
To learn how to develop personal Power and Capacity
To appreciate the Path of Heart
To understand the purpose of service leadership

DAY 5:

To learn 11 strategies to create a healthy workplace
To learn to work in the flow by managing time in new ways

Required Reading:

  1. Fox, Matthew, The Reinvention of Work (HarperCollins)
  2. Helliwell, Tanis, Take Your Soul to Work (Adams Media)

Suggested Reading:

  1. Suzuki, David, The Sacred Balance, Greystone Press, 2000
  2. Helliwell, Tanis, Summer with the Leprechauns: a true story, 1998.

Pre-Class and Post-Class Writing Assignment: Choose one option for each paper.Pre-paper of 5-8 pages. Post-paper of 5-15 pages.

  1. Discuss what is meant by a soul infused personality as is understood in Take Your Soul to Work?
  2. How does creation spirituality relate to your religious/spiritual tradition?
  3. How do you live and work with meaning in purpose and how has your life benefited others?
  4. Discuss the predictable stages of consciousness that you have undergone and the challenges and growings that you are engaged in today.
  5. Discuss what you believe to be the current trends in spirituality in the workplace and give examples of companies and/or individuals who are practicing it.
  6. How does our relationship with nature and The Earth affect our work and our life?

Your paper must evidence reference to the readings for the class and/or class discussion. A general personal paper without specific reflection on the readings or class discussion will be returned for rewriting.

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