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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

June 2004 Intensive CA
June 14-18 2004

Seminar: Universal Themes in Myths & Dreams - # 60052a

Instructor: Jeremy Taylor

Faculty Bio:  Dr. Jeremy Taylor, a Unitarian Universalist minister, has worked with dreams for over twenty-five years; he blends the values of spirituality with an active social conscience and a Jungian perspective. Past president of the Association for the Study of Dreams, he has written three books integrating dream symbolism, mythology, and archetypal energy.

Course Description:   This course will focus on the intersection between personal dreams, archetypes, myths and sacred narratives. We’ll alternate between presentations of sacred narratives and basic tools for archetypal analysis, always working to integrate the two. We’ll pay attention to finding the basic theories and techniques for exploring and identifying the salient features of unconscious life through looking at sacred narratives, myths and Jung’s archetypes.

Required Reading: (at least one of)

1.                  Living Labyrinth: Exploring Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams, and the Symbolism of Waking Life, Jeremy Taylor. Paulist Press, 1998.

2.                  Why People Fly and Water Runs Uphill: Using Dreams to Tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious. Jeremy Taylor. Warner Books, 1992.

3.                  Dream Work: Jeremy Taylor. Paulist Press, 1983.

4.                  Memories, Dreams, Reflections,C.G. Jung. Vintage New York 1968.

At Least Two of:

5.                  The Friendly Guide to Mythology, Nancy Hathaway. New York: Viking Penguin. 2001 (ISBN # 067085770x)

6.                  Dreams: A Reader on the Religious, Cultural and Psychological Dimensions of Dreaming. Kelly Bulkeley. Palgrave New York, 2001 (ISBN# 0312293348)

7.                  Man and His Symbols, C.G. Jung & von Franz, M.L. (continues to be in print), 1964.

8.                  C.G. Jung Lexicon- A Primer of Terms & Concepts. Daryl Sharp. Inner City, Toronto. 1991.

9.                  Dreamcatching: Every Parents Guide to Exploring & Understanding Childrens Dreams and Nightmares. Alan Siegel & Kelly Bulkeley. Random House (Three Rivers Press). 1998.

10.              The Essential Jung. Anthony Storr. Princeton Press, 1983.

11.              Universal Myth, Alexander Eliot. New American/Meridien 1990 

12.              An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism-The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. Beverly Moon, Shambala. 1991.

13.               Jung in Modern Perspective: The Master and His Legacy. Renos Papadopoulos & Graham Saayman. Dorset, England:Prism. 1991

Suggested Reading:               See list above

Pre-Paper Assignment:          None

Post-Paper Assignment:        The point of the paper/project is to demonstrate your grasp of the fundamental ideas presented in the class and the reading assignments. The goal is a synthesis of what you have learned. You might choose to write a traditional academic paper, or poetry, fiction, videotape etc. Feel free to illustrate it or use diagrams whatever you feel it needs to make your point in the way that makes the most sense to you.

One idea:          Explore a dream of yours that you feel strongly about (recent or not). Write out the dream, comment on events going on in your life at the time of the dream (both emotional and physical events), and some of your thoughts about what the dream means. Using what you have learned in class and what you have read, focus on the dream as “story” about yourself. Five page maximum. 

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