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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

June, 2003 Intensive
Week 2:
June 16-19

Seminar: The Human Vision - # 60064

Instructor: Andrew Harvey, Ph.D.

Faculty Bio: Andrew Harvey: Poet, novelist, translator, mystical scholar and lecturer, Andrew Harvey has taught at Oxford, Cornell, Hobart and Smith Colleges, CIIS, and UCS. He is the author and editor of over 30 books including The Return of the Mother and Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ, The Direct Path and his latest book, Sun at Midnight-A Memoir of the Dark Night published by Tarcher-Putnam (October 2002).

Course Description:The Class will be dedicated to exploring in depth our contemporary mystical renaissance and the emergence in it of a 'new' kind of human being, at once in direct  contemplative connection with the Divine and active in works of radical creativity and justice in the world. A special emphasis will be placed on the transformation of the body, tantra and the crucial importance of 'mystical activism' for the preservation of the planet and the birth of a humanity in harmony with itself and nature. The aim of the class is threefold : to give a clear picture of the dangers facing the world and the answering grace being showered upon us to help us evolve; to make people aware of the kind of evolution now required; to empower with joy and passion  and commitment of an embodied spirituality.

Required Reading:

The Direct Path (Broadway books)
The Sun at Midnight (Tarcher -Putnam)
The Return of the Mother (Tarcher-Putnam)
            All books by Andrew Harvey

Suggested Reading:

The Future of the Body (by Michael Murphy) (Tarcher-Putnam)
Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness (Institute for evolutionary research)
The Coming of the Cosmic Christ (Matt Fox)

Pre-Class Assignment:                      5 – 8 pages

Choose one from the list below.

  1. What is mystical activism and how can it save the planet?
  2. How can a mystically transformed body help in the work of divinising the earth?
  3. How does the experience of sexual Tantra transform the one who enjoys it?

Post-Class Assignment:                    5-15 pages

Choose one from the list above.

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