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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

Sept. 2004 Intensive
Sept. 19-24 2004 Wash. DC

Art as Meditation: Sculpture as Meditation -
# 61031

Instructor: Daniel Buford

Faculty Bio: Daniel's work has been described as thoughtful, touching, strong, and provocative. His work has been exhibited widely and he has taught incarcerated men and women for several years designing a curriculum in basic drawing and clay and wood sculpture. Daniel has also conducted numerous workshops on racism. He is dedicated to justice, peace and the empowerment of the disinherited.

Course Description:A hands on art as meditation class using a variety of media: pencil, oil pastel, modeling clay, wood. Students are requested to pay a $20.00 materials fee. Each student should bring pencil, sketchbook and a piece of wood to work on. Students will be encouraged to talk about the work created in class.

Day 1 Introductions

1. Faith And Creativity-What Is The Connection?
2. Awakening The Creative Process
3. Free Hand Drawing, Observation/Imagination
4. Selecting Wood For Carving-Use Of Tools

Day 2 Projects

1. "Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For"
2. Recognizing Shapes And Having Faith In Your Vision
3. Preliminary Drawing/Modeling Of Project
4. Begin Individual And Group Class Project

Day 3 Process

1. "Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For"
2. How Do I Feel When I Am Creative? Group Work
3. Demonstration: Applying/Anointing Wood With Oil
4. Analogies To Life, Beauty, Working On Self

Day 4 Patience

1. "Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For"
2. Working in dyads and triads&"each one teach one"
3. Creativity In The Process Of Leadership Development
4. What is needed? When enough is enough

Day 5 Production

1. "Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For"
2. Finish Individual Carvings And Class Project
3. Video: "Art And Social Change"
4. What Have I Learned About Creativity This Week

Materials Fee: $20.00(payable 1st day of class)
Students beginning January 2002, fee is part of General Fees

Class Size: 15

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