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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

January 2004 Intensive
January 12-16 2004 CA

Art as Meditation: Art as Personal Exploration & Mystic Empowerment - # 61068

Instructor: John Jerry-Anthony Parente, D. Min

Faculty Bio: John Parente holds degrees in art, theology and spirituality. John has long been involved in the relationship between art and spirituality, curating national exhibits on this topic. He has been a college professor for fifteen years in both the Religious Studies and Fine Arts Depts., coordinated a creative Campus Ministry Program and been a professional artist-painter for 23 years. John's art is in the permanent collections of religious and educational institutions as well as museums and numerous private collections around the world. John has a long term relationship with creation spirituality, devoting a significant portion of his Master's thesis to it, being Matt Fox's Graduate Assistant for the original year of the institute in the 1970's, creating and teaching college curriculum in this area in the 1980' & 90's, graduating from and serving as Co-Director of the D.Min. program in the 2000's, and continuing on the faculty of UCS and Naropa University, Oakland.

Course Description:This course will be an exploration of the authentic Self through art experiences. When this process of SEEing is undertaken our mystic Self is tapped allowing the flow of Wisdom and grace, and the experience of transformation to happen. The focus will be on the creative process, giving form to feeling so that it may be examined and shared beyond the person. Reflection of Life themes and creating will be done within the context of a supportive community, and the conditions necessary for creativity will be highlighted. This course works equally well for professional artists and spiritual seekers as well as those new to either or both disciplines. Note supplies to bring; also, please bring a journal or notebook that can be used for journaling and pens.

Materials Needed:
Please bring picture magazines that can be cut up to all BUT the first class. Other supplies will be provided.
If local or traveling by car: Bring a large hefty bag of "clean junk". Here is your opportunity to clean out your apartment, attic, basement or closets! "Clean junk" would be items such as broken clocks or appliances, craft items, clothing no one can use, bits of yarn, wrapping paper, cheap jewelry etc.. In other words, any items you don't want. NO FOOD ITEMS-please. You can leave the bags on the tables in the art room when you come in on Monday morning. Please tape a sign on the bag with your name and "DON'T THROW OUT----IT IS FOR CLASS". Please also bring a shoebox or similar size box-tape gently a tag with your name on it.
If coming by plane: tuck 3-4 smaller items (like those mentioned above) in your suitcase and bring them to the first day of class

Course Fee: $20.00 (collected 1st day of class)
For students beginning January 2002, this fee is part of the General Fees

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