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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

August 2004 Intensive
August 2-6 2004 CA

Art as Meditation: Music as Healing: Yoga, Meditation and Ritual - # 61085A

Instructor: Russill Paul

Faculty Bio:             

For the past decade, Russill Paul has taught in graduate spirituality programs and also presented his work at prominent educational institutions widely across North America and internationally. He presently teaches in the M.L.A. program at Naropa University Oakland and in the Doctor of Ministry program of the University of Creation Spirituality, also in Oakland, CA.  He is recognized nationwide as a forerunner in understanding and applying sonic mysticism from the Indian tradition of yoga.  A student of the Benedictine sage, the late Dom Bede Griffiths, Russill lived as a monk under his direction at a monastery in South India, studying Sanskrit, Indian Classical music and Indian spirituality in the vibrant temple cities of Tamilnadu.   A prolific recording artist, he has produced several acclaimed albums of yoga music and chant including The Yoga of Sound, a 3-CD audio program.  He is also the author of The Yoga of Sound: The Healing Power of Chant and Mantra.  For more information on The Yoga of Sound, please visit his website www.yogaofsound.org

Course Description:  

This art-as-meditation course will explore key spiritual practices of the Hindu tradition through yoga, meditation techniques and the use of sacred sound in ritual.  Come prepared to chant, to dance, to enter into deep states of meditation and to absorb the elements of Hindu ritual observances. Hindu spiritual techniques – which have influenced Christian and Sufi methods of prayer – are known for their expansive mental states, profound spiritual depth and strong physiological effects, particularly because of their rich sensory impact.  Please note that this class will need to use incense.

Learning Objectives:

Hatha Yoga – easy postures and stretches to enhance mental clarity and meditation.

Mantras – sacred sounds and syllables that facilitate healing and affect consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga – gestures and breathing practices to stimulate energy in the body.

Puja – Hindu methods of ritual and worship using sacred images and the 4 elements.

Meditation – techniques of mind and body control used in Hindu spirituality.

Each day, we shall emphasize one of the five objectives outlined above, but always by combining all of the others, since they work best together as a whole.

    Monday  Hatha Yoga

    Tuesday Mantras

    Wednesday   Kundalini Yoga

    Thursday    Puja

    Friday      Meditation

This course is open to anyone.

No previous yoga or chanting experience necessary. Dress comfortably for movement and ritual.

Required reading:

1) Paul, Russill - The Yoga of Sound: The Healing Power of Chant and Mantra – Book and CD (New World Library, 2003)

Recommended listening:

Paul, Russill - The Yoga of Sound. – A 3-CD audio program with accompanying booklets featuring comprehensive track notes (The Relaxation Company, 2000) 

Recommended reading:

Huyler, Stephen – Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion. (Yale University Press, 1999)

Recommended diet for your meals:

Diet, particularly a sattvic (spiritual energy inducing) diet, is very important in traditional Hinduism; the reason being food translates into energy, which then translates into consciousness.  In other words, we become what we eat, and our inner essence is qualified by this consciousness.  Please do your best to follow these suggestions, which are by no means imperative.

You will discover to your advantage that the end result will be significantly different if you observe the following diet one week before the intensive, as well as during the course.  At the very least, try and keep to it during the course.

BREAKFAST: Eat lots of fruit and cereal or grains such as brown rice or quinoa. Avoid fatty foods, especially meat products.   As a compromise, you may enjoy bagels with light cream cheese.  If you need eggs, limit the quantity to half your regular intake.  A small cup or mug of coffee or tea is acceptable, i.e., half a “tall sized” Starbucks.

LUNCH: Eat light, vegetarian foods.  Avoid carbonated drinks.  Drink a fair amount of good quality water.  Avoid heavy dairy products.  A small quantity of caffeine in either coffee or tea is fine.

SUPPER: No restrictions.  Eat and drink whatever you like

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