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University of Creation Spirituality
Doctor of Ministry Degree/Certificate Program

October 2004 Intensive
October 24-29 2004 CA

Seminar: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves # 61090 (When I touch the Earth, the Earth touches me)

Instructor: Robert Francis Johnson, M.S., L.P.C.

Faculty Bio: Robert Francis Johnson is a licensed professional counselor specializing in Ecological Psychology, and a teacher who weaves simple sustainable permaculture values and environmental education into all of his work. A published poet and writer and environmental artist, he brings people together to play, heal and dance in the beauty of the Earth creating  community as part of the construction of Earthprayers. He also has stone and ceramic sculptures in major western galleries.

Course Description:   In this class we will use Earth to experientially explore questions concerning, community, unity, purpose, healing and our relationship to the natural world. During this time of cultural dissolution and environmental destruction, we will find our ‘Earth Reference’ to help us find ways to let go of grief and embrace joy. Using group process, meditation, ritual, humor and the Earth, to create individual and collaborative healing objects [Earthprayers],to help us live as if the whole world mattered. Playing in the mud will change your life!

Learning Objectives:

Monday           I touch the earth, the earth touches me; establishing an eco-based relationship to the world around us.

Tuesday           Our wounds and the Earth’s wound’s, the intersection, a place of destiny!

Wednesday      The culture’s wound “affluenza”, soul loss, and  false speak.

Thursday          The Healing of wounds; grief, ritual, connection, release and forgiveness.

Friday              rebirth, joy, and a marriage to the Earth! [Banai Righi]

Reference Sources:

The Spell of the Sensuous---David Abram

Radical Ecopsychology---Andy Fisher

Perceiving ordinary magic---Jeremy Hayward

Ecopsychology -- Edited by Rozak,Gomes, and Kanne

 To Be Healed By the Earth--- Warren Grossman

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