Naropa University Oakland

Master of Liberal Arts Program in Creation Spirituality


CSP 694W   1 Unit


Instructor: Charles Burack, PhD; (510) 654-8643             email: [email protected]


Class Schedule: Spring 2004: February 14-15

Saturday:  9:00-noon and 1:00-3:00 (seminar: Chuck Burack)

     3:30-6:30 (art-as-meditation: Shanja Kirstann; see below)

Sunday: 9:00-10:00 a.m: (processgroup)

              10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (seminar: Chuck Burack)


Seminar Course Description: In this course we’ll examine the multifaceted nature of the creative process, especially as it relates to the writing process.  We’ll read about the lives of creative artists, mystics, scientists and entrepreneurs as well as study psychological, philosophical and religious perspectives on the nature of creativity.  Meditations and experiential exercises will help us express our own creative energies through writing.  There will be opportunities to write poems, stories and essays.  Special attention will be given to Kabbalistic insights into the creative process.


Course Objectives: To deepen understanding of the creative process.  To appreciate how creativity works in the arts, sciences, religion, education, business.  To examine how creative energies operate in the universe.  To liberate your creative powers.  To introduce various methods for composing and revising poems, stories and essays.  To gain a deeper knowledge of literary form and technique.  To enhance your power and confidence as a writer.


Course Requirements:

            1. Attendance                                                    10%

            (Attendance at each session of the weekend is required to gain course credit.)

            2. Readings                                                       20%

            3. Class participation                                          40%

            4. Final paper (4-5 pages)                                   30%


Required Reading.  Charles Burack, Creative Power.


Recommended Reading.  Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones.



1. Saturday Morning: discuss artistic, scientific and religious approaches to creativity

2. Saturday Afternoon: discuss and work with methods/techniques for composing and revising poe ms and stories

3. Sunday Morning: discuss and work with methods/techniques for composing and revising essays


Art-as Meditation (Shanja Kirstann: Saturday 3:30-6:30 p.m) “The Way of the Artist: Freeing the Voice of the Soul   Students explore the transformative powers of deep listening and contemplative play to liberate the voice of the soul for spiritual awakening, healing, and intuitive living. Heart-full approaches to rekindle our creative fire may include: silence and loving inquiry, authentic movement and sound meditations, soul-writing and poetry, dream art and mandala drawings, improvisation and ritual enactments.