Naropa University - Oakland Campus

Master of Liberal Arts in Creation Spirituality


Intermediate/Advanced Dreamwork


CSP 741                                                                         Number of credit units: 1


Instructor: Jeremy Taylor                                                                                             Phone:415.454.2793


                                                                                                                          Email:[email protected]


Class Schedule:

Spring 2004, Wednesdays, 6-8:30pm


Course Description:

As basic dream concepts are understood, deeper inner work emerges and mythological/archetypal images that shape our contemporary individual and collective lives are recognized and discussed.


Course Objectives:

To cultivate leadership skills in group dream work; to further explore archetypal theory underlying the  work; to explore intermediate and advanced individual and group expressive techniques for discovering deeper layers of meanings in dreams..  In addition to the personal context, dreams and symbols are explored  in an historical, cultural and political context.


Course Requirements:

1. Attendance - 65%

2. Class Discussion- 25%

3. Final Projects – 10%

Remaining current with dream recording; active, intelligent, open, helpful participation in group process; nature and quality of questions asked and answered; quality of attention to, concern and support for other class participants;  ability to help others recognize the potential symbolic significance of shared dream material, and to relate these insights to established theories of unconscious dynamics.


Recommended Readings:

Taylor, Jeremy: The Living Labyrinth, New Jersey:Paulist Press, 1998

Taylor, Jeremy, Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, New York, Warner, 1992

Taylor, Jeremy: Dream Work, New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1983

Handout: The Basic Dream Work Tool Kit


Outline: Calendar of themes:  (subject to the instructor's changes)

Themes will follow a natural intellectual progression and evolve out of class discussion.  The following will be covered:

Review  of basic guidelines for group dream work

Historical perspective on dream exploration

Scientific developments in the field of dream work and dream recall

Group dreamwork in class

Exploration of Jungian archetypes and the universal language of dreams and symbols

Exploration of types of dreams (nightmares, recurrent, etc)

Dreams and creation spirituality

Dreams and the body and health – the responsibilities of a facilitator

Dreams and therapy – how to understand when therapy is needed

Learning to facilitate difficult groups

Facilitating groups in environments such as hospitals, prisons, with the dying, the aged, with children and teens, with your spouse, etc.


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