Wisdom University - Creation Spirituality by Matthew Fox and James Garrison.

Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.Wisdom University - Spiritual Education in Creation Spirituality.



Linda Allen

D.Min. 2004

Bellingham, WA

Dissertation: The Bridge Between Earth and Sky: The Spirituality of Voice

Website: http://www.lindasongs.com

Work/Profession: Singer/Songwriter, October Rose Productions.



Carol E. (Carly) Anderson

D.Min. 2004

Ann Arbor, MI

Dissertation: Menopause as a Sacred Path: Transforming Images of Self Through Art



Carol L. Anderson

D.Min. 2004

Traverse City, MI

Dissertation: Where All Our Journeys End: Searching for the Beloved in Everyday Life



Penny Andrews

D.Min. 2001

Cottage Grove, WI

Dissertation: Elder Spirit Speaks--Reinventing Worship: A Cirriculum Guide

Work/Profession: Hospital Chaplain.



Paula Artac

D.Min. 2004

Phoenix, AZ

Dissertation: Fluid Energy Imagery: An Art Therapy Modality Beyond Mainstream Psychology



David Bailey

D.Min. 2001

Salt Lake City, UT

Dissertation: An Experience of Creation Centered Spirituality: A Three Day Retreat



Laura Sue Barnes

D.Min. 2003

Orinda, CA

Dissertation: Creation Centered Worship

Website: www.danvillechurch.com

Work/Profession: Associate Paster Danville Congregational Church United Church of Christ, Danville, California.



William (Bill) Bartlett

D.Min. 2001

Sparks, NV

Dissertation: Know Thyself, Know God: Finding the Archimedean Point

Work/Profession: Staff Priest and Dharma Teacher, Reno Buddhist Church. Board Certified Staff Hospital Chaplain at Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center, Reno, Nevada.



Janet Bass

Certificate in Creation Spirituality 2002

Newcastle, WA



Thomas M. (Tom) Baugh

D.Min. 1999

Hendersonville, NC

Dissertation: Ecological Theology and Quaker Religious Thought



David Baum

D.Min. 2004

Peterborough, NH

Dissertation: Breath of the Heart: My Life Through Performance

Website: www.davidbaum.com

Work/Profession: Management Consultant and Leadership Coach. Teaches, writes, and consults on organizational and individual change. Latest focus: the intersection of accelerated change and spirituality.



Mia Beale

D.Min. 2000

Portland, ME

Dissertation: Developing Interconnected Consciousness: A Healer's Journey

Work/Profession: Psychotherapist and Teacher, integrating subtle energy healing and psychotherapy, and the practice of energy psychology..



Rosalie (Rosie) Bishop

D.Min. 2004

Indianapolis, IN

Dissertation: The Bells in My Classroom Bloom: Reinvention of a Career, a Lawn and a Life

Work/Profession: Retired Career Classroom Teacher. Currently, teaching and learning with all ages about Nature, gardening, plants as representing Biblical concepts, natural science, and more. Author of Nature-based Day Camp Curriculum.



Kathryn (Kathy) Blake

D.Min. 2005

Ft. Ripley, MN

Dissertation: Re-Membering My Authentic Self: Healing and Transformation Through Story

Work/Profession: Math Professor, Spiritual/Life Coach, Motivational Speaker.




Barry Bloom

D.Min. 2000

Golden, CO

Dissertation: The Seed that Ticks in Me: A Resource Book of Poems and Prayers On Creation Spirituality

WEBSITE: www.columbineuuchurch.org

Work/Profession: Minister at Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church of Littleton Colorado. Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction practice.



Mary Boardman

D.Min. 2001

Willseyville, NY

Dissertation: Poetry for Caregivers: A Journal for Remembering



Catherine Boland

D.Min. 2004

Sebastopol, CA

Dissertation: Intuition and the Sacred: An Integrated Approach to Developing a Creation-Centered Awareness



Nancy Bonazzoli

D.Min. 2001

Dissertation: When Darkness Falls: Chronic Illness & Spiritual Transformation, An Autobiographical Perspective.



Barbara Susan (Barb) Booth

D.Min. 2001

Guelph, ON Canada

Dissertation: The Emergence of the Conscious Feminine



David Borglum

D.Min. 2002

Alameda, CA

Dissertation: EcoChurch Resources

Work/Profession: Professionally in transition!



Alfred (Al) Brauch

D.Min. 2003

Carpentersville, IL

Dissertation: Twelve Steps to Meditation: A Creative Manual for Recovering Souls



Victor Bremson

D.Min. 2003

Seattle, WA

Dissertation: Emergence of a New Economy: How to Develop Place-Based Businesses that Build Community



Lawrence (Larry) Brennan

D.Min. 2003

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Dissertation: An Autistic Pilgrimage: Traveling the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality with a Handicapped Child



Alta Brock

D.Min. 2001

Wichita, KS

Dissertation: Akrotiri: A Novella Concerning Two Kindred Spirits



Edward Brock

D.Min. 2001

Edmonds,, WA

Dissertation: Principles of Dialogue



Alice H. Brown

D.Min. 2005

Berkeley, CA

Dissertation: Sacred Someone, Sacred Body, Sacred Spirituality, as Healed from the Artist Within
Professional Soul Work: Integration and Healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit



Susana Brown

D.Min. 2002

Virginia Beach, VA

Dissertation: Soul Journey: Stories of Sacred Travel



Dorothy (Dottie) Burnham

D.Min. 2000

Knoxville, TN

Dissertation: Anticipating the Millennium



JoAnn Cannon

D.Min. 2003

Marina, CA

Dissertation: Enhancing the Good: Wellness and the Directions Shaping a Spiritual Agenda for the 21st Century

Website: www.inwardboundventures.com

Work/Profession: University Professor in Human Performance and Wellness Education at Cal State University Monterey Bay. Teaches, consults, and presents as a motivational speaker. Author of Enhancing the Good: Well Beings, Health and Spirituality.



Joni Carley

D.Min. 2004

Media, PA

Dissertation: Noble Seed and Royal Soil: The Care and Feeding of the Royal Person in the 21st Century America

Website: www.wisdomatwork.biz

Work/Profession: Wisdom at Work (TM) - International Coaching and Consulting Practice. Speaking and Teaching: College courses, workshops, keynotes, free teleclasses and teleseminars.



Catherine Carpenter

D.Min. 2004

Minneapolis, MN

Dissertation: Menopause as a Sacred Path

Work/Profession: Individual and Team Coaching, Organizational Development.



Diana Clark

D.Min. 2002

Portland, OR

Dissertation: Bringing Creation-Centered Spirituality Home: Connecting with Community, Connecting with Self



David Coffey

D.Min. 2004

Santa Fe, NM

Dissertation: Reinventing Work in the New Mexico Public Health Division



Deidre Combs

D.Min. 2002

Bozeman, MT

Dissertation: The Elements of Conflict: Finding Joy and Transformation in Life's Challenges and Changes

Website: www.combsandcompany.com

Work/Profession: Conflict Transformation Consultant.



Shannon Conlin

D.Min. 2002

Citrus Heights, CA

Dissertation: Treya Dialogues



Patricia (Pat) Connolly

D.Min. 2003

Arlington, MA

Dissertation: Revitalizing the Teacher's Heart: A Retreat for Teachers Using the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality



William G. (Bill) Crowell

D.Min. 2001

Tulsa, OK

Dissertation: Sacred Wind: Worship that Connects the Heart



Ilene Cummings

D.Min. 2003

San Francisco, CA

Dissertation: The Beauty in the Madness: A Universal Story of Forgiveness & Compassion



Janese Curtis

D.Min. 2002

Espanola, NM

Dissertation: All Healing is Spiritual: A Family Journey into Wisdom



Sarah (Amira) De la Garza (formerly Maria Christina Gonzalez)

D.Min. 2001

Phoenix, AZ

Dissertation: Maria Speaks: Journeys Through the Mysteries of the Mother in My Life as a Chicana

Website: www.sarahamiradelagarza.com

Work/Profession: University Professor/Administrator and Author.



Eleanor Mckenzie DelBene

D.Min. 2002

Trussville, AL

Dissertation: WomanBody Sacred Wisdom



Ronald (Ron) DelBene

D.Min. 2002

Trussville, AL

Dissertation: Reinvention of Self: Weaving Soul and Work Together



Darnel (Nel) Dubsky

D.Min. 2005

Inkster, ND

Dissertation: Youth Empowerment: Teaching My Children Creation Spirituality



Ann Duffy

D.Min. 2000

San Antonio, TX

Dissertation: Uncovering the Veil of Depression: Creating an Interconnection with All That Is



Virginia (Jinni) Easterday

D.Min. 2001

Oratia, Auckland New Zealand

Dissertation: Won World: Communications With Other Species



Bradley (Brad) Elliott

D.Min. 2001

Carmon, MB Canada

Dissertation: Compassionate Spirituality: The Way of Christianity



Jane Ely

D.Min. 2002

Lihue, HI

Dissertation: Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery

Website: www.drjaneely.com, www.peacemakerschool.com

Work/Profession: Counselor and Teacher. Founder and Dean of The Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing. Author of Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery.



Rhea Emmer

D.Min. 2002

Fond Du Lac, WI

Dissertation: Compassion at Work: The Stories of a Leader's Quest for Passion and Justice in Leadership



Maclyn Erickson

D.Min. 2000

Santa Barbara, CA

Dissertation: Saying Goodbye: A Workshop Reviving Creativity and Imagination in the Dying Process



Marlene Everingham

D.Min. 2003

Topanga, CA

Dissertation: Cosmic Paths and Reflections



Liz Falconer

D.Min. 2002

Cerrillos, NM

Dissertation: Painting the Energy of Sacred Sites

Website: www.aartco.com

Work/Profession: Artist. Operates her own gallery in Madrid, New Mexico where she shows and sells paintings, painted furniture, and "triptychs."



Linda Firestone

D.Min. 2002

Chesterfield, VA

Dissertation: Celebrating Faith's Journey: A Program for Spiritual Formation and Community Building in a Residential Retirement Setting



Renaldo Fischer (deceased)

D.Min. 2003

Phoenix, AZ

Dissertation: The Drama of a Soul Aroused



Beverly Fontaine

D.Min. 2003

Victorville, CA

Dissertation: The Re-Creation of Social Work in the Light of Creation Spirituality

Work/Profession: Child Protective Services focusing on Adoption.



Benjamin (Ben) Fowler

D.Min. 2003

York, ME

Dissertation: Walking the Spiral Path



Lorindra Moonstar Frances

D.Min. 2002

Middletown, CA

Dissertation: A Woman Re-Membering Herself



George Gardner (deceased)

D.Min. 2001

Wichita, KS

Dissertation: A Course of Study & A Curriculum on Work and Creation Spirituality



Laurel Beth Geise

D.Min. 2003

St. Petersburg, FL

Dissertation: The Essential Laws of Spirit



Barbara Gibson

D.Min. 2000

Olympia, WA

Dissertation: Seeking Sophia: Five Plays

Work/Profession: Retired Mental Health Counselor and College Professor. Poet, Author of Psalms for Troubled Times. Spiritual Direction and active in the Community for Interfaith Celebration, affiliated with the United Church of Christ.



John Gilmore

D.Min. 2001

Lowell, MA

Dissertation: Reclaiming Your Identity: Struggling Against Social & Personal Injustice Through the Application of Spirituality and Anti-Oppressive Re-Programming

Website: www.dswellness.com

Work/Profession: President of Centro de la Mente Illuminada in Costa Rica. Wellness Consultant, Writer, Martial Arts Instructor, Certified Advanced Massage Therapist and Spiritual Director.



William (Bill) Gordon

D.Min. 2005

Chicago, IL

Dissertation: A Belief Beyond Theology: The Catechism of Patriarchy



L. Duncan Grady

D.Min. 2003

Nelson, BC Canada

Dissertation: Relational Mysticism: An Exploration of the Mystic's Path in Conscious Relationship



Rosalyn Grady (formerly Rosalyn Cormier)

D.Min. 2003

Nelson, BC Canada

Dissertation: Relational Mysticism: An Exploration of the Mystic's Path in Conscious Relationship



Mary Beth Granberry

D.Min. 2002

El Cerrito, CA

Dissertation: Reinventing Medicine for the 21st Century: Who Will Lead Us? Where are the Prophets? Meet Bill H. McAnalley, Ph.D.



Joy Gribble

D.Min. 2005

Pittsburg, CA

Dissertation: An Anthology of Stories to Midwife Our Culture Into the Ecozoic Age: The New Cosmology and Creation Spirituality Braided Together to Pull Us into a Deeper Level of Consciousness



James Ike (Ike) Griffin

D.Min. 2001

Winter Park, FL

Dissertation: Kairos Horizon: A Faith-Based Therapeutic Community for Prisions.

Website: www.kairoshorizon.org

Work/Profession: Horizon Communities in Prison, Executive Director. Horizon establishes and supports faith-based communities in prisons preparing inmates for transition into society.



Mickey Bright Griffin

D.Min. 2002

Winter Park, FL

Dissertation: Gateways to Wisdom: Transforming Anger, Grief and Loss Among Incarcerated Women

Website: www.kairoshorizon.org

Work/Profession: Prison Ministry, Horizon Communities in Prison, Director of Programs. Horizon is a national, faith-based organization providing residential programs in prisons.



Maree Haggerty

D.Min. 1999

Charlestown, NS Australia

Dissertation: A Poetry Anthology Written in the Creation-Centered Spiritual Tradition Using the Non-Dominant Hand

Work/Profession: Body and Soul offering Spiritual Companioning, Retreat Leadership and Creative Workshops in Spirituality.



Gina Halpern

D.Min. 2002

Richmond, CA

Dissertation: The Resurrected Heart: Healing Through Creative Spiritual Practice and Dreamwork



Carol Hammon-Paulson

D.Min. 2001

Wichita, KS

Dissertation: Meditation as Art: A Spiritual Journey

Website: www.tropos.us

Work/Profession: Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in private practice of holistic mind-body-spirit psychotherapy and counseling.



Nancy Healy

D.Min. 2004

Smithfield, VA

Dissertation: Spreading the Good News of Creation Spirituality: A Privilege and a Responsibility

Work/Profession: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.



Matthew (Matt) Henry

D.Min. 2004

Macksville, NS Australia

Dissertation: It is Good: Singing a Biblical Faith with the Voice of Creation Spirituality

Website: www.PaintedGuitar.com

Work/Profession: Songwriter; Organic Farmer.



Anne Hill

D.Min. 2003

Sebastopol, CA

Dissertation: Chambers of the Heart: The Path of the Priestess



Virginia Hubbs

D.Min. 2005

Boalsburg, PA

Dissertation: Balancing Act: Integrating the Feminine and Masculine



Annette Hulefeld

D.Min. 2005

Oak Park, IL

Dissertation: The Return to Original Blessing Memory of I Am



Sandra (Sandy) Hulse

D.Min. 2003

Port Richmond, CA

Dissertation: Sermons of Creation Spirituality



Mary Azima French Jackson

D.Min. 2003

Guilford, CT

Dissertation: The Yoga of Music: Union with the Divine Through Sound

Website: www.spiritualceremonies.net

Work/Profession: Interfaith Minister dedicated to embracing the oneness of all people while honoring the uniqueness of each faith tradition.



Grant Jahnke

D.Min. 2003

Toronto, ON Canada

Dissertation: Awaken to Wonder: Enkindling the Sacred Fire Within



Olive James

D.Min. 2003

Tampa, FL

Dissertation: Dreams and Aging: A Spiritual Exploration

Work/Profession: Retired University Library Director, San Francisco State University and California Institute of Integral Studies. She has a long-term interest in a wide range of healing arts, and dreams and their spiritual meaning.



Marilyn Jenai

D.Min. 2000

Sarasota, FL

Dissertation: Dancing on Our Tears: The Transformational Journey

Work/Profession: Director of Center for Psychospiritual Integration. Transpersonal Psychotherapist in Private Practice. Offers Workshop on "Preventing and Healing Compassion Fatigue," for people in the medical and mental health fields. Training in Transpersonal Psychology.



Douglas Joblin

D.Min. 2004

Sudbury, ON Canada

Dissertation: Leisure and Creation Spirituality: The Reinvention of Work Within the Context of Leisure as a Pursuit of an Active and Responsible Freedom in People's Work, Play and Worship



Terry Jones

D.Min. 2005

West Linn, OR

Dissertation: Elder: A Spiritual Alternative to Being Elderly

Website: www.elderhood.org

Work/Profession: Writer, Spiritual Elderhood Trainer, Spiritual Director, and Mental Health Professional.



Connie Kaplan

D.Min. 2002

Santa Monica, CA

Dissertation: The Soul Contract: A Model for Understanding One's Purpose in Life

Website: www.turtledreamers.com

Work/Profession: Spiritual Counselor and Dream Circle Leader. Teaching dreaming as a spiritual practice, counseling modern day mystics, nurturing the birth each person's awakening. Author of The Invisible Garment: 30 Spiritaul Principles that Weave the Fabric of Human Life.



Carol Lee Kilby

D.Min. 2005

Toronto, ON Canada

Dissertation: Stepping Stones to Work Like You Don't Need the Money: Making a Path Between Creation Spirituality and Our Lifework

Website: www.gaiacentre.org

Work/Profession: Carol's reinvented work is as workshop leader and Director of Gaia Centre where all programs, leaders, meals and retreats promote, "sustainability through a new spirituality of work."



Rebecca (Becky) Kiser

D.Min. 2001

Norfolk, VA

Dissertation: Knitting Mill Creek Community Garden



Randall Knee

D.Min. 2003

Portland, OR

Dissertation: Integrating Creation Spirituality Principles into Child Welfare Practice

Work/Profession: Instructor, Child Welfare Partnership, Deptment of Social Work, Portland State University.



Richard Kuykendall

D.Min. 1999

Auburn, CA

Dissertation: Tarot Meditations: A Reflection Informed by Creation Spirituality



Sandra Lee

D.Min. 2003

Grand Junction, CO

Dissertation: Relational Safety: Creating and Sustaining a Non-Violent Home



Donna Lindsey

D.Min. 2000

San Diego, CA

Dissertation: Legend of a Lemon Grove: Developing a Team Interim Ministry in One Church



Georgiana Lotfy

D.Min. 2001

Long Beach, CA

Dissertation: Walking the Labyrinth: A Spirigual Journey Through the Four Paths



JoyBeth Lufty

D.Min. 2003

East Orland, ME

Dissertation: The We That is Me: A Creation Spirituality Workbook for You

Website: www.soulintegrators.com

Work/Profession: Author, Interfaith Minister, Workshop Presenter, and Consultant on Holistic Spirituality for Soul Integrators.



Eleanor Lusignan

D.Min. 2002

Palo Alto, CA

Dissertation: Dancing with Eckhart



Richard Lyon

D.Min. 2002

Glenwood Springs, CO

Dissertation: Creation Story Theatre: Performing A Creation Story from Siberia to Awaken Recognition of the Sacred Beauty of the Cosmos



Nancy Mack

D.Min. 2003

St Louis, MO

Dissertation: In the Footsetps of My Ancestor, Louis Edward Nollau: Faith-based Involvement in Social Action

Work/Profession: Director of Psycho-Social Services (social work, child life, etc.) at St. Louis Children's Hospital.



Lita Malone (formerly Lita Brown)

D.Min. 2003

Ellensburg, WA

Dissertation: RiverStone Dreaming



Cheryl Maloney

D.Min. 2001

Minneapolis, MN

Dissertation: Hildegard of Bingen: A Model for Leadership in the 21st Century



Michael Mansfield

D.Min. 2001

Berkeley, CA

Dissertation: Finding Ourselves in the Field: Discovering Age-Appropriate Spiritual Language for the 21st Century--A Primer for the Catechist in All of Us

Work/Profession: Educator, Artist, and Activist.



Lori Martin-DeWitt

D.Min. 2000

Scottsdale, AZ

Dissertation: If God is the Great I Am, Who Am I?



Ardine Martinelli

D.Min. 2001

Tacoma, WA

Dissertation: Journey to Wholeness: Learning the Dance

Work/Profession: Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, and Writer. Her retreats for women focus on coming home to our Divine Essence, and integrating the Four Paths as the core of our Spiritual Journey. Author of "Earthstewards" series of articles integrating mystical tradition with everyday practical tips/ideas for Earth-friendly practices.



Suzanne Maschmeyer

D.Min. 2005

Corning, NY

Dissertation: Where was God? Mystical, Prophetic, and Transformative Experiences in the Lives of Adult Survivors of Childhood Ritual Abuse



Jayne McAlexander

D.Min. 2005

Denver, CO

Dissertation: Creating Mindfulness: Mindfully Co-Creating


Kathy McCall
M.A. 1999
Santa Cruz, CA

Dissertation: The Power of Twelve
Website: www.unitysantacruz.org
Work/profession: Unity Minister



Kathleen (Kathy) McCarthy

D.Min. 2000

Indio, CA

Dissertation: The Question of the Influence of Creation Spirituality in the Formation of Small Faith Community Worship



Jann McGuire

D.Min. 2001

Lindsay, CA

Dissertation: Dark Passage: Illness as Initiation

Work/Profession: Retired Educator. Currently, Part-time Teacher, Hospice Volunteer, Caretaker, and Group Facilitator including study of Connie Kaplan. D.Min.'s Invisible Garment (on the full moon) and ritualizing the new moon.



Kate McLennan

D.Min. 2004

Wimberley, TX

Dissertation: Canary in the Mine: The Way of the Singer/Songwriter as Mystic, Artist and Prophet

Website: www.katemclennan.com



Tricia McMahon

D.Min. 2001

Fremont, CA

Dissertation: Sacred is the Dance: Living the Paradox of Religious Life



Diane McPhail

D.Min. 2004

Highlands, NC

Dissertation: A Design for Discovery: The Development, Implementation and Assessment of a Cirriculum and Resource Guide for the Experientail Learning of the Principles of Creation Spirituality in a Four Part Retreat Series



Peter Albert Thomas Miller

D.Min. 2001

East Aurora, NY

Dissertation: Christian Worship in East Aurora



David Morales

D.Min. 2003

Oakland, CA

Dissertation: To Sing With Life/Spirituality Unleashed Through Music

Work/Profession: Professor of Music and Choral Conductor.



Michel Morton

D.Min. 2002

Thunder Bay, ON Canada

Dissertation: Expanding Spiritual Knowing in Nursing

Work/Profession: University Professor of Nursing.



Susan G. Motes

D.Min. 2005

Tuscaloosa, AL

Dissertation: A Journey to Becoming Native to this Place: Sacred Alabama



Terry Nash

D.Min. 2004

Ventura, CA

Dissertation: Airla'nsea: Birth of a Fiction Novel via the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality



Barbara Nehls-Lowe

D.Min. 2004

Oregon, WI

Dissertation: Bringing Creation Spirituality Back Home to My Life and to My Parenting

Work/Profession: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Patient Services Staff, and Volunteer Minister at First Unitarian Society in Madison, Wisconsin.



Zan Nix

D.Min. 2004

Ashland, OR

Dissertation: "Tonight the Subject is Love": The Concert in Ten Foundational Elements



Rebecca Oberlin

M.A. 2000

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Dissertation: "Aging, The Once and Future Reality
WORK/PROFESSION: Office Administrator and Hospice and Elder Care



Charles Oliver

D.Min. 2004

Byhalia, MS

Dissertation: My Story: Cultivated Thinking Develops Internal Control Over External Circumstances



Chris O'Neill

D.Min. 2001

Eugene, OR

Dissertation: Citizen Nurse: Teaching the Soul to Care

Website: www.workdrugfree.org

Work/Profession: Registered Nurse. Manager of WorkDrugFree, a non-profit addressing substance abuse prevention and intervention in the workforce by promoting evidence-based practices.



Ivan Padjen

D.Min. 2001

Chicago, IL

Dissertation: Reinventing the Culture & Discovering Self, History, Mystery: One Man's Perspective



Brian Palecek

D.Min. 2001

Bismarck, ND

Dissertation: Abolition and Remembrance: Spiritual Practice & Current Nuclear Weapons Issues in North Dakota



John Jerry-Anthony Parente

D.Min. 2001

Oakland, CA

Dissertation: Creating & Experiencing Art as Spiritual Practice: Reflections on Art as a (My) Way



Stephanie Parker

D.Min. 2005

Lantzville, BC Canada

Dissertation: Towards Transpersonal Pedagogy: Rekindling Creativity as Spiritual Praxis



Rosemary Partridge

D.Min. 2003

Grass Valley, CA

Dissertation: Sacred Words: Four Phamphlets of Prayers, Rituals and Blessings



Geraldine Anne (Gerry) Paulsen

D.Min. 2002

Auburn, CA

Dissertation: Born in Blessing: Reclaiming the Good News

Website: www.newfaithucc.org

Work/Profession: United Church of Christ Minister serving New Faith Community Church in Auburn, California. Author of Terra's Tale: The Universe Story for Children. In first Ordination Option group.



Bonita (Nita) Penfold

D.Min. 2002

Melrose, MA

Dissertation: Doing Theology: From Fragmentation to Wholeness

Website: www.spiritplay.net, www.nitapenfold.com

Work/Profession: Unitarian Universalist religious educator. Spirit Play developer and trainer. Adjunct faculty at Andover Newton Theological School.



Melanie Porter

D.Min. 2005

Grand Junction, CO

Dissertation: Opal Dawn-Ordained for a Creation-Centered Ministry

Work/Profession: Hospice Chaplain.



John Powell

D.Min. 2005

Decatur, GA

Dissertation: The Reinvention of Age: Explorations in Elder Initiation

Work/Profession: Transpersonal Psychologist, Curriculum Consultant, and Mid-life and Elder Spirituality Consultant.



Elizabeth (Liz) Pray

D.Min. 2005

Grand Junction, CO

Dissertation: Claiming Wisdom: Aging as a Sacred Journey

Work/Profession: Hospice Chaplain.



Edina Preucel

D.Min. 2001

Lafayette, CO

Dissertation: The Radiant Spiral: An Exploration of Community Co-Created Rituals of Transformation

Work/Profession: Global Services Account Manager - StorageTek.



Mahalia Pugatch

D.Min. 2005

Fairfax, CA

Dissertation: Transformational Art Today: The Journey of Nine American Visual Artists



Meagan Pugh

D.Min. 2004

Sebastopol, CA

Dissertation: Spiraling into Wholeness: A Practical Guide for Healing Using Creativity and Body Wisdom

Website: www.art-2-heart.com

Work/Profession: Art to Heart Counseling. Art Therapist, Pastoral Counselor. Works with Women's groups, individuals and couples. Specializing in Somatic Art Therapy using movement and art to heal trauma and find sacred wisdom through the body.



Frances Rathbun

D.Min. 2002

Wichita, KS

Dissertation: Shalom School: A Teacher's Manual



Sea Raven

D.Min. 2001

Gerrardstown, WV

Dissertation: The Wheel of the Year: A Worship Book for Creation Spirituality

Website: www.gaiarising.org

Work/Profession: Consultant for Worship, Music and the Arts.



Mary Reaman

D.Min. 2002

Dayton, OH

Dissertation: Creating New Forms of Ministry as Expressions of Personal Transformation and Parish Renewal



Mary Catherine Rice

D.Min. 2005

Itasca, IL

Dissertation: Toward a Compassionate Classroom: My Journey with Creation Spirituality and 4mat



Kathleen Robbins

D.Min. 2002

Gaborone, Botswana

Dissertation: The Fourth Communications Revolution

Work/Profession: Management Consultant for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) delivering AIDS education and services.



Joan Robinson

D.Min. 2001

Novato, CA

Dissertation: Dreams of a Dark Night

Website: www.joanrobinson.com

Work/Profession: Psychiatric Social Worker. In private practice, leads dreamwork groups. Work at San Quentin that includes dreamwork groups.



Arthur (Art) Rogers

D.Min. 2004

Martinez, CA

Dissertation: Let There Be Light: Looking for the Right Use of Technology in Education



Rae Rubley

D.Min. 2000

Rochester, NY

Dissertation: How to Develop Creation Spirituality in a Community (in Western New York)



Brenda M Schaeffer

D.Min. 2000

Eden Prairie, MN

Dissertation: Creation Psychology: An Innovative Training Course for Professionals Integrating Ego, Soul and Spirit



Madeleine Schwab

D.Min. 2003

Los Angeles, CA

Dissertation: The Action Board Process: A Spiritual Technique

Work/Profession: Educator. Currently teaching a community service program to juniors at a private progressive school. Carrying on the work of Dr. David Viscott who devised The Action Board, a technique for people to discover and stay on track of their lifework/vocation/calling.



Timothy (Tim) Selby

D.Min. 2001

Steamboat Springs, CO

Dissertation: Universe Divine: An Introduction to the Creation-Centered Spiritual Tradition

Work/Profession: Associate Pastor at United Methodist Church of Steamboat Springs.



Linda Sewright

D.Min. 2005

Bainbridge Island, WA

Dissertation: Landscape and Memory: An Illuminated Journey of Shamanic Awakening




David Sharp

D.Min. 1999

San Jose, CA

Website: www.drdavidsharp.net, powerforlifenow.com

Work/Profession: Educator, Writer, Performer, Preacher and Pastor.



Su Skjersaa Lukinbeal

D.Min. 2005

Bend, OR

Dissertation: The Rosary to the Black Madonna



Deb Sloan

D.Min. 2003

Pleasanton, CA

Dissertation: An Introduction to Prayer in Three New Thought Movements



Barbara White Slyker (deceased)

D.Min. 2000

Danville, CA



Danine Smeaton

D.Min. 2002

Menomonee Falls, WI

Dissertation: Grace Spirituality Center: A Ministry of Spiritual Formation for Healing and Transformation



Sheri Snively

D.Min. 2003

Jamul, CA

Dissertation: Finding Creation Centered Spiritualtiy in an Unexpected Place: The United States Navy



Georgette Star

D.Min. 2005

Oregon City, OR

Dissertation: Creation Spirituality for Maiden Spirit: A Guidebook for Facilitator Training

Website: www.maidenspirit.com

Work/Profession: Founder of Maiden Spirit: Spirituality and Rites-of-Passage Programs for Women and Girls.



Daniel (Dan) Strizek

D.Min. 2001

Lakewood, CO

Dissertation: Songs for the Four Mystics



Jeanne Sutter

D.Min. 2004

Port Richmond, CA

Dissertation: The Tree of Life Ministry: A Model of Spiritual Formation Based upon the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality



Jeremy Taylor

D.Min. 2001

San Rafael, CA

Dissertation: Zen Dream Work: Yume' Do--Dreamwork as a Pathway to the Wisdom Beyond Words



Lisa Teems

D.Min. 2000

Laurel, MD

Dissertation: The Gentle Revolution: A Dialogue on the Death and Rebirth of the Mental Health Profession

Work/Profession: Mental Health Program Administrator.



Joanna Truelson

D.Min. 2000

Orinda, CA

Dissertation: Heal the Healers, Nurture the Nurses



Amanda Tull

D.Min. 2002

Lafayette, CA

Dissertation: Lessons From Our Companion Animals



Geoffrey (Geoff) Tyrrell

D.Min. 2001

Atherton, CA

Dissertation: Energy, Consciousness, Color and Discovery

Work/Profession: Counselor using Mindfulness-Bsed Counseling. Chaplain.



Catherine Vajda

D.Min. 2001

Atlanta, GA

Dissertation: Bringing Heaven to Earth: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World

Website: www.spiritheart.net (under construction)

Work/Profession: SpiritHeart: Integrative Therapies, Coaching and Practices focusing on "Essential Well-BE-ing" for body, mind and spirit.



Margaret (Maggie) Van Vliet

D.Min. 2005

Longmont, CO

Dissertation: Pilgrimage and Emergence: Artist and Creativity

Website: www.WorkingWithHeart.com

Work/Profession: Artist, Writer, and Mentor-Consultant.



Toni Vincent

D.Min. 2004

San Francisco, CA

Dissertation: Third Millennium Thinking: World View for a Small Planet



Patricia (Pat) Waak

D.Min. 2002

Erie, CO

Dissertation: My Bones are Red

Website: www.patwaak.com

Work/Profession: State Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party.



Jacob Watson

D.Min. 2001

Portland, ME

Dissertation: Offering Creation Spirituality to Hospital Chaplaincy Students & Health Care Staff

Website: www.chimeofmaine.org

Work/Profession: Abbot of the Chaplaincy Insititute of Maine.




Paula Waybright

D.Min. 2005

Scottsdale, AZ

Dissertation: Birthing the Hope of a Creation-Centered Spirituality in My Workplace



Harold Weicker

D.Min. 2001

Laredo, TX

Dissertation: Praying the Psalms Along the Four Fold Path



Roxanne WhiteLight

D.Min. 2005

Westlake, OH

Dissertation: The Reinvention of the Rite of Ordination in Service to the Creation Spirituality Tradition



Lisa Whitlow

D.Min. 2002

Roeland Park, KS

Dissertation: Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: Worship in an Emerging Community

Website: www.soultend.com

Work/Profession: Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Workshop/Retreat Leader. Owner/Director of Soul Tending: Integration of Body, Mind & Spirit, providing workshops, classes, and retreats to individuals who are seeking to nourish their relationships with the Divine, with one another, and with the planet that sustains us.



Barbara Whittaker-Johns

D.Min. 2000

Arlington, MA

Dissertation: Telling Our Credo Stories: A Spiritual Practice for Being at Home in The Universe



Paki Wieland

D.Min. 2002

Northampton, MA

Dissertation: The Great Work: Satyagraha in Practice



Terry Williams

D.Min. 2005

Oakland, CA

Dissertation: Spiritual Practice: Connecting with The Divine

Work/Profession: Director of Budget and Administration, University of California, Office of the President Division of Health Affairs



Susan Winecki

D.Min. 2002

Milwaukee, WI

Dissertation: A Midlife Initiation



Eleanora Woloy

D.Min. 2002

Virginia Beach, VA

Dissertation: Psyche and Soul: A Spiritual Journey Bringing Together Jungian Thought and Creation Spirituality



Sr Malia Wong

D.Min. 2000

Waipahu, HI

Dissertation: The Gastronomics of Learning from Each Other: A Contemporary Manual for Novices (or Anyone Hungry on the Spiritual Path)



Judith Yost

D.Min. 2002

Wimberley, TX

Dissertation: Encounters with Nature: Mystical and Transformational Stories



Michael (Mike) Zeglarski

D.Min. 2005

Sacramento, CA

Dissertation: Green Fire: Awakening the Earth Father



Mary Zerega

D.Min. 2003

Chicago, IL

Dissertation: Choosing a Path: Creation Spirituality in Twenty-first Century Education



Lynne Zickerman

D.Min. 2003

Berkeley, CA

Dissertation: New York Poems: Opening to Grief Through Inmate Connectedness



Michael Ziegler

D.Min. 2001

Kensington, CA

Dissertation: Tuning the Soul CD: The Living Expression of Creation Centered Jewish Prayer


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