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Doctor of Ministry

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An Introductory Opportunity:
University of Creation Spirituality takes its Intensives on the Road!
In Asheville, NC and Sarasota, FL

Ashville, NC

Where: Blue Ridge Assembly
When: August 25-30, 2002, April 7-11, 2003, August 25-29, 2003

For housing information contact Patte Mitchell, Asheville Liasion: [email protected] or 828-669-6976

Sarasota, FL

Where: DaySpring Episcopal Conference Center
When: November 3-8, 2002, May 26-30, 2003, November 9-14, 2003

For housing information contact Marguerite Chabau, Sarastoa Liasion: [email protected] or 941-342-3400

For details on all programs and admission forms contact Grace Hogan, Director of Admissions: [email protected] or 510-835-4827 x14

If after participating in these Introductory Opportunities ("IntroOps") an individual decides to enroll in a UCS program, s/he can receive credit for the five-day experience. Of course, individuals may also participate in these events by directly enrolling as a Doctor of Ministry or Certificate student.


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