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Creation Spirituality Books & Tapes

List of available Materials:

NEW One River, Many Wells $29.95
Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh, now in paperback $15.00
The Reinvention of Work $14.00
Natural Grace, with Rupert Sheldrake $12.95
The Physics of Angels, with Rupert Sheldrake $16.00
Coming of the Cosmic Christ $17.00
Hildegard of Bingen's Book of Divine Work $16.00
Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen $18.95
Original Blessing $15.00
A Spirituality Named Compassion $14.95
Passion for Creation: The Earth Honoring Spirituality of Meister Eckhart $25.00, previously titled Breakthrough
Meditations with Meister Eckhart $12.00
Whee! We Wee, All the Way Home $14.00

Creation Spirituality Tapes
By Matthew Fox


Accessing the Mystic with Rupert Sheldrake $29.95


NEW Compassion and the Spiritual Warrior $10.00
NEW Return to Ritual, with Synergy (Trance Dance) $10.00
NEW Faces of Evil, with Molefi Kete Asante (set of 2) $20.00
Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh $10.00
Quest for the Cosmic Christ $10.00
The Greening of Science & God $10.00
Psychology & Spirituality $10.00
Renewing Ritual $10.00
Gifts of the Animals $10.00
Animals and Spirit, with Rupert Sheldrake $10.00
Jesus & the Motherhood of God, with Andrew Harvey (2 tape set) $20.00
A Revolution in Time & Humanity's Spiritual Evolution, with Jose Arguelles $10.00
Passion for Creation, (set of 2) $20.00
Spirituality for the 21st Century, with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi $20.00
Graduation Speech, 1999 $10.00
Rumi & Eckhart: Love & Knowledge on the Mystic Path, with Andrew Harvey, (set of 2) $20.00
Spirituality and Work (set of 5) $45.00

New Book: One River, Many Wells
By Matthew Fox

From the introduction to One River, Many Wells:
In times like ours, when the planet is reeling from abuse and misuse at the hands of humans, when human inventions and discoveries have shrunken time and space so that we can communicate by Internet and satellites instantaneously with others around the globe, when livable space for our own and other species is dwindling and being depleted, it ought to prove especially beneficial to look to spirituality to help us find our way back (and forward!) to what it means to be human. In this book I try to go to the core of human religious traditions as we know them to find the spirituality that is there. It is clear that once we return to the depth or core of religion we find much more than dogmas, concepts, institutions, and commands. We find a striving for experience of the Divine, however that can be spoken of, we find both form and formlessness, male and female, experience and practice. We also find that in their core and depth we do not encounter many different religions so much as one experience that is expressed variously and with great diversity and color flowing in the name of different traditions and cultures& Hopefully, the themes chosen here will bring ancient and needed messages up from the deep. The paths down the wells will indeed vary, and there lies the beauty and novelty of human diversity. But the path must never be confused with the source. As Meister Eckhart put it, "All paths lead to God, for God is on them all equally for the person who knows." Hopefully this book will contribute to our shared knowing and practicing so that our childrens children will know ways to live peacefully on and with this earth and healthy directions to travel.

You can order by phone: 510-835-4827 x-10

Praise for One River, Many Wells:

One River, Many Wells reveals the splendor and universality of the spiritual impulse residing in all human beings. Our world seems poised either to fragment into endless divisiveness, or to respond to a unifying spiritual vision. Like a modern prophet, Matthew Fox points the way to the latter. Never before have we needed such a vision.
-- Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Healing Words and Reinventing Medicine

Matthew Fox might well be the most creative, the most comprehensive, surely the most challenging religious-spiritual thinker that has emerged from within the contemporary Christian tradition in America. He has the scholarship, the imagination, the courage, the writing skill to fulfill this role at a time when the more official Christian theologian traditions are having difficulty establishing any vital contact with either the spiritual possibilities of the present or with their own most creative spiritual traditions of the past. Here he has given us abundant selections from the spiritual literature of the Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and the Indigenous Peoples of Africa and America to illuminate our understanding of Creation, the Divine, the Human Experience of the Divine, and our Way into the Future. Out of these sources, and with reference to the discovery of an emergent universe by contemporary science, he has, its seems, created a new mythic context for leading us out of contemporary religious and spiritual confusion into a new clarity of mind and peace of soul, by affirming rather than abandoning any of our traditional beliefs.
-- Thomas Berry, author of Dream of the Earth, The Great Work, and The Universe Story with Brian Swimme

In One River, Many Wells, Matthew Fox continues his fundamental teaching about human spirituality, indeed human dignity. Fox has seen and experienced the interiors of many ways to spirituality and many human cultures, and now he tells us that in the essentials of character and divine need, we are all the same. This brilliant book will be regarded as a classic to be consulted again and again.
-- Molefi Kete Asante, Professor of African Studies, Temple University and author of African American History: A Journey of Liberation

Father Matthew knows what the spirit's life is all about and what is asked of it at this time. He opens the treasures of the Great Traditions and retrieves for us the relevant inspiring sources, but between the lines he lets the spirit of holiness breathe on us.
-- Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi author of Paradigm Shift and Spiritual Eldering: From Age-ing to Sage-ing

Reading One River, Many Wells is like entering into the rich silence of a masterfully directed retreat. As you read this text, you reflect, you pray, you embrace Divinity. Truly, no words can fully express my respect and awe for this magnificent contribution to contemporary spirituality.
-- Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Why People Don't Heal

In One River, Many Wells Matthew Fox accurately assesses the underlying dissatisfaction and resentment, particularly acted on by youth, that results from trivializing that which is sacred into materialism. He leads the reader through diverse mystical, spiritual teachings, bringing them back to an honoring of our deep interconnection.
-- Julia Butterfly Hill, author of The Legacy of Luna

Start reading this book at any chapter heading that speaks to you. All eighteen chapters are inspired by what we need most in our world today: Common Sense. Matthew Fox taps into that mystical wellspring of spiritual aliveness which is common to all humans and which alone can make us see sense. At last, One River, Many Wells, gives to the wisdom of Primal Religion -- to the voice of tribal mystics -- its rightful place in the chorus of world spirituality. As the Book of Common Prayer inspired the past, this Book of Common Sense has what it takes to inspire the future.
-- Brother David Steindl-Rast, author of Gratefulness the Heart of Prayer and A Listening Heart


This feast for the soul is truly cause for celebration. It is one thing to aver the essential harmony at the core of all religions, but quite another to provide so rich a banquet of mutually reinforcing teachings. Matthew Fox's deep ecumenism, blending sturdy scholarship with mystical insight, will help free us from the spirit-crippling fundamentalisms of our day.
-- Joanna Macy, author of
World as Lover, World as Self,
Coming Back to Life

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