Presenter:  David Baum

Date:  June 17, 2004 (time to be announced)


The great Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, wrote “Last night as I was sleeping, I dreamt-marvelous error!—that I had a beehive here inside my heart.  And the golden bees were making white honey combs and sweet honey from my old failures.  Bypass is the story of the honey of David Baum’s life filtered through dreams and failures, and worked by restless bees.


This stage performance explores critical moments in his life, especially the year following emergency quintuple bypass open-hart surgery.  He was forty-two.  A planned-change consultant, David suddenly found himself changes as a result of this unexpected—and unplanned—event.


Using personal narrative, sound, slides, and magic, David will relate the extraordinary experiences that helped clarify his journey, change his family history, and create lasting impact and learning.  This is a story about living through rather than getting stuck in the defining moments of our lives, and about the real magic that is always present, whether we know it or not.