Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units for MFTS and LCSWs

Naropa University Oakland has been approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences of the State of California to grant continuing education units to Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Provider No. 2546.

All workshops/classes will take place at the University of Creation Spirituality unless otherwise indicated.


    2004 WORKSHOPS

  1. February 21, Movement as Stillness with Robert Rice

  2. February 27, Archetypes of Feminine Sexuality: The Repression of Desire and Joy with Rachel Fitzgerald

  3. March 4 and 11, In Your Own Voice: Writing and the Quest for Healing Within with Lois Silverstein

  4. March 10, Skills of the Spiritual Warrior Consultant with Meg Wheatley

  5. March 27(postponed), The Yoga of Sound: Expansions in Consciousness and Healing with Russill Paul

  6. March 30 - April 27, Creation Spirituality and the Black Experience with Dorsey Blake and Matthew Fox

  7. April 20, The Artist as Shaman/Mystic with Robert Lentz

  8. May 7, The Personal Grail and the Public Wasteland: Therapy, Creativity, and the Transformation of the Collective with Jeremy Taylor

  9. June 4, Healing Others by Healing Ourselves; Ancient Wisdom for Racial Healing with Kokoman & Aeeshah Clottey

  10. June 11 & 12, Beyond Psychology: Otto Rank and Creation Spirituality with Matthew Fox

  11. July 2, Deep Listening: Exploring the Primitive Unconscious Beyond the Limits of Psychotherapy with Tina de Souza

  12. July 23 &24, Exploring Enlightenment: The Next Development in Human Evolution? with IONS Founder Edgar Mitchell, Peter Russell, Russill Paul, WalterTruett Anderson



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