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July 11 (Sun) Healing Cancer Naturally: A Japanese Physicist Journey
Beyond The Limitation Of Science
2:00-4:00pm UC Berkeley Alumni House, Berkeley
lecture of Art of Healing Speaker: Shin-ichiro Terayama (from Japan)
$20 ($25 at the door) Contact: [email protected] (Sumiko Ishikawa)

Healing can take place through an honest, loving relationship with our bodies, minds, and souls. Shin believes loving ourselves as we are, instead of fighting against our diseases, can lead to healing. Shin will share his own amazing experiences about his recovery from cancer, and will also play a few selections on his cello to help start the healing process. For more information, please visit his homepage at www.shin-terayama.jp

(About the Speaker)
Mr. Shin'ichiro Terayama is a cancer survivor. His remarkable recovery is described in detail in the book "Spontaneous Healing" by Dr. Andrew Weil. He is a physicist, graduated from Waseda University, and has worked at Toshiba Japan for many years, in addition to being an accomplished cellist. After his recovery from cancer, he has traveled the world including Japan, United States, Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, and Israel, giving lectures and workshops on the art of healing. He is a founding executive director of Japan Holistic Medical Society, and is now the director of the Subtle Energy Association of Japan. He has also been a member of the Findhorn Foundation of Scotland since 1988. For more information, please visit his homepage at www.shin-terayama.jp.

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