Naropa University Oakland
Master of Liberal Arts Program in Creation Spirituality


CSP 740     Number of Credit Units:1

Instructor: Jeremy Taylor      Instructor’s contact telephone number: 415/454.2793

                                                Email address:  [email protected]    

Class Schedule:
Fall 2004 Semester, 6pm-9pm Wednesdays

Course Description: Examining the basic theories and techniques for exploring and identifying the salient features of unconscious life through a focus on the dream, the course will provide the student with a basis for extensive self-exploration and increased conscious self-awareness.

Course Objectives: To explore theories, laboratory evidence and strategies for working with our dreams alone and in group context for the purpose of self-exploration and group leadership.  In addition to the personal context, dreams and symbols are explored in an historical, cultural and political context.

Students will be asked to compare and contrast the classic theoretical formulations of unconscious dynamics and mechanisms with the meanings and emotional experiences encountered in their own dreams. This will require both familiarizing themselves with the classic theories regarding dream formation, and a substantial introspective effort to become more conscious of their own "hidden" unconscious interior dramas and dynamics.

Course Requirements:
1. Attendance - 75%
2. Reading, as evidence by discussion in class - 25%
Remaining current with dream recording; active, intelligent, open, helpful participation in group process; nature and quality of questions asked and answered; quality of attention to, concern and support for other seminar participants;  ability to help others recognize the potential symbolic significance of shared dream material, and to relate these insights to established theories of unconscious dynamics.

The course will have far deeper meaning to you if you read at least one of my books before class; it will be my expectation that you will be familiar with the basic ideas and bring that knowledge to participation in class

List recommended readings:
Taylor, Jeremy: The Living Labyrinth, New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1998
Taylor, Jeremy, Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, New York: Warner, 1992
Taylor, Jeremy: Dream Work, New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1983
Handout: The Basic Dream Work Tool Kit

Outline amd Instructor’s Expectations:
Themes will follow a natural intellectual progression and evolve out of class discussion.   The following subjects will be covered

To be covered:
ß Overview and introduction of the Basic Tool Kit for Dream Work; basic guidelines for group dream work
ß Introduction to the cultural and historical climate of Europe and America in Freud and Jung's time – historical perspective on dream exploration
ß Lab evidence for dream recall. 
ß Orientation to technical terminology – the universal language of dreams and symbols
ß Exploration of types of dreams (nightmares, recurrent, etc)
ß Looking at the bright shadow and the dark shadow in dreams and waking life
ß Dreams and creation spirituality
ß Dreams and the body and health
ß Dreams and therapy
ß Introduction to universal themes in myths, dreams, and waking life.
ß Introduction to basic archetypes
ß A look at sacred narratives
Experiential work with a dream (or dreams)



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