Naropa University Oakland

Master of Liberal Arts Program in Creation Spirituality


T'ai-chi Ch'uan and Art: The Tao of Creativity



CSP 758B       Number of Credit Units:1


Instructor: Kaleo Ching            Phone: (510) 237-9122   Email: [email protected]                                                                                                      Website:

Fall, 2004. Thursdays (1:30 pm to 5pm)

NOTE: This course meets on non-consecutive Thursdays: Sep. 30, Oct. 14, Nov. 4, Nov. 18, Dec. 2


Course Description: Cultivate the body's internal energy of "chi" and learn to heighten its awareness. Through gentle exercises that enhance balance and agility, improve suppleness and stimulate the immune system, participants will experience a completely new way of being in, and working with, their bodies through T’aiji/Qigong, Guided Imagery and Art.


Course Objectives: Taiji/Qigong takes you into the depths of the body where hidden treasures await: the alchemy of metal, water, wood, fire, earth. Guided Imagery leads you into levels of the subconscious to experience deep inner wisdom. The creative process of journaling and mixed media art deepens this experience and allows you to make even more discoveries. This body/mind/spirit process connects the subconscious with the conscious.


Course Requirements: 

Instructor's criteria, evaluation and grading of students: 

Attendance (one absence for serious reason allowed) 25%.

Class participation 25%.

Additional class activities, home practice of Chi Gung and journaling 25%.

Final Art Presentation 25%.


Note: A $10 art supplies fee must be paid to UCS before the beginning of the first class.



Calendar of weekly class themes, activities and assignments with dates of courses:


Sept. 30 (1:30 pm to 5pm)

Introductions. Slide presentation.

Taiji/Qigong: Metal

Guided Imagery, Journaling: Inspiration


Oct. 14 (1:30 pm to 5pm)

Taiji/Qigong: Water

Art Demonstration, Guided Imagery, Journaling and Art: Depth


Nov. 4 (1:30 pm to 5pm)

Taiji/Qigong: Wood

Guided Imagery, Journaling and Art: Movement


Nov. 18 (1:30 pm to 5pm)

Taiji/Qigong: Fire

Guided Imagery, Journaling and Art: Communication


Dec. 2 (1:30 pm to 5pm)

Taiji/Qigong: Earth

Guided Imagery, Journaling and Art: Gift of Sacred Purpose


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