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The UCS Board of Directors Resolves
in Support of Barbara Lee's vote for
a rational response

September 18, 2001

Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Washington D.C.
Dear Barbara Lee,

Yesterday, the Board of Trustees of the University of Creation Spirituality, located in your district at 2141 Broadway in downtown Oakland, met and passed a resolution to support your courage and stance of conscience in the recent vote in the House of Representatives, vis-a-vis giving the President a blank check to wage war.

We feel with you, that while, of course, the perpetrators of the violence at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon need to be apprehended, still a whipping up of hysteria and war-mongering can well lead to more violence instead of less. That a time like now is a time for reason and not inflammatory rhetoric and that, as Gandhi warned us, if everyone seeks an eye for an eye we will all end up blind. Tragedies like our nation is suffering raise deeper questions of what injustices we may be causing wittingly or unwittingly around the world and what despair leads people to self-immolation and the sacrifice of innocent persons. A time like this seems like an appropriate time to initiate deeper debates about the growing gap between haves and have-nots at home and abroad and about consumer culture and taken-for-granted politics, which holds capitalism up as a state religion. Let us work instead for a deep democracy.

Thank you for your courage and your conscience.

Matthew Fox
President and board member of UCS


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