The University of Creation Spirituality


A Weekend Workshop with

 Neil Douglas-Klotz


Genesis NOW! A Shared Practice of Peace for Jews, Christians and Muslims


The New Story about the

Oldest Story in the World


Friday March 26-Sunday March 28, 2004


Held  at We the People Auditorium, 200 Harrison St., Oakland

(across from Amtrak Station, Jack London Square)


Exploring a spirituality that unites Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this workshop reveals how early mystics--including Jesus--may have meditated in all three great religions springing from the Middle East. World-known religion scholar and translator Neil Douglas-Klotz finds that all three faiths, in spite of apparent differences, share an emphasis on sacred beginnings.  This retreat seeks to reclaim the life-affirming energy of sacred “beginning time,” so that we can experience its creative power for ourselves and perhaps our world. The weekend will use chant, meditation, body prayer and Dances of Universal Peace from the Aramaic Christian, Jewish and Sufi traditions, as well as sound practice to reawaken the sense of boundless creative potential and deep peace in our lives.


NEIL DOUGLAS-KLOTZ, holds a Ph.D. in religious studies and psychology and an M.A. in somatic psychology. He is an independent scholar with a background in hermeneutics, Middle Eastern languages, and sacred movement. He is the author of the books Prayers of the Cosmos, Desert Wisdom, The Hidden Gospel and The Genesis Meditations. He serves as co-chair of the Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion.  He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and co-directs the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning


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