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UCS June Newsletter

Hope this finds you all well.

Table of Contents

Upcoming Events

  1. Justgive.org offers unique ways to donate to UCS/Naropa Oakland

  2. Holy Companioning with Dr. Charles Burack

  3. Summer Workshop, Deep Listening with Tina de Souza

  4. Summer Intensive, Transforming Conflict with Deidre Combs, D. Min and Bill Say, MA

  5. University of Creation Spirituality and Naropa-Oakland Fundraiser with Russill Paul, Andrew Harvey and DJ Dragonfly

  6. Matthew Fox on the Radio, KEST-AM, 1450 Thursdays, 8 - 9 am

  7. Writing Skills Workshop with Dr. Charles Burack

  8. Drumming Prayer Circle with Carol Vaccariello

  9. Love In a Dangerous Time

  10. Carol Vaccariello offers services as a Spiritual Coach

  11. Techno Cosmic Masses

  12. Watercolor Painting as Spiritual Practice

  13. The Contemplative Life

  14. Community Classes


Details about Upcoming Events

It is now possible to give a tax-free donation to UCS through Justgive.org. Just visit the UCS Web site at creationspirituality.org, and click on the Donate Now! button on the home page. Justgive.org also has opportunities for donors to set up a wedding registry, planned giving and other options for donating to UCS and thousands of other charities online.

Are you seeking to explore your spiritual life, discover your work vision, or unleash your creative power? Spiritual direction is a companioning process that involves dialogue, meditation, prayer, and creative expression. The process is nondirective and honors your unique relationship/path to the divine. Work visioning is a unique, meditative approach that will help you clarify and manifest the work vision that taps your innate passion, intuition, creativity, wisdom, joy and compassion. Creativity coaching is an interactive process that will help you bring your creative energy and imagination to all you do. It is especially useful for those who want to manifest their full powers as a writer.

Call Dr. Charles Burack at (510) 654-8643. He is an interfaith spiritual director, career counselor, award-winning writer, UCS/Naropa Oakland professor, and director of the Interfaith Spiritual Direction Program at the Chaplaincy Institute. You can choose to meet face-to-face or over the phone.

Dr. Charles Burack will be teaching his highly acclaimed Writing Skills
Workshop on Saturday, June 14, from 10 am to 1 pm. The workshop will help
you focus, clarify, organize, and develop your course papers and Master's
thesis. We'll discuss composition strategies for writing lucid, persuasive
essays. You'll learn techniques for:

1. generating topics, thesis statements, and supporting reasons;
2. structuring different types of essays (e.g., symbolic analysis, process
analysis, and cause and effect analysis);
3. integrating personal experience and textual sources;
4. developing and organizing paragraphs;
5. writing clear, vivid sentences; and
6. unleashing and enjoying your creativity.

You'll receive a 20-page handout of suggestions and examples. Workshops fee
is $50. Please reply by June 6 to Chuck at [email protected]. Chuck is on
the faculty of NUO and UCS, where he teaches mystic poetry, writing, Jewish
mysticism, and the reinvention of work. He is a widely published writer and
award-winning scholar with a Ph.D. in English from UC Berkeley.

Comments from Previous Participants: "Best workshop on writing I've attended.
Gives me great ideas for writings, and reaffirmed some things I've been
doing. Very effective presentation style." "Delightful, powerful teacher.
Chuck has a good combination of clarity, wisdom, teaching skills, and humor.
Very useful explanations, outlines, and examples of types of essays. Yesss!
-- would absolutely recommend this workshop." "Excellent workshop. Superb
instructor. Excellent handouts."

DRUMMING PRAYER CIRCLES with Carol Vaccariello
June 19, July 31, Aug 21, 7 9 pm, Drumming Prayer Circle, Casa del Sueno. You are invited to come and immerse yourself in the sacredness of the space as we gaze into the Sacred Flame and ride on the beat of the Drum into the Dreamtime. Dont have a drum? Come anyway. We have a limited selection of rhythm and sound making items. Carol Vaccariello Snow Swan facilitates the Circle. 510.835.4827, x.38, love offering $10

Carol Vaccariello offers services as a spiritual coach. Looking for a spiritual coach to help you on your Journey? The Reverend Doctor Carol Vaccariello has over 25 years of experience in numerous modalities assisting and journeying the Spirit Path. Carol has a Doctorate in Spirituality with an emphasis in Dream Work. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International, a drum builder and drummer, a Labyrinth Facilitator, a Spiritual Wilderness Guide and more. Dr. Vaccariello is founder of The Wheel Within the Wheel Community and assists the Earth in building Ritual Wheels. Coaching/Companioning is provided either face to face, by phone or email. Fees are never charged for sharing Spirituality. Fees for the investment of time are negotiated at first meeting.

July 12-13, 9:30am-5:30 pm each day This is a practicum where participants will learn by doing that watercolor painting is a spiritual practice. For persons new to exploring watercolor/spiritual practice and those deeply disciplined in either or both. A supply list will be mailed upon receipt of your registration. Facilitator: Dr. John Jerry-Anthony Parente holds degrees in spirituality, theology and art. The Pacific Center for Spiritual Formation, P.O. Box 1901, Mill Valley, CA 94962. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: THE PACIFIC CENTER. Tuition: $200 Class held at UCS, 2141 Broadway, Oakland

Aug. 9, 9:30am-5:30 pm The contemplative life will be discussed from a Zen Buddhist, Hasidic Jewish, Sufi Muslim, Benedictine Christian, Taoist and American Indian perspective. Facilitator: Dr. John Jerry-Anthony Parente holds degrees in spirituality, theology and art. The Pacific Center for Spiritual Formation, P.O. Box 1901, Mill Valley, CA 94962. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: THE PACIFIC CENTER Tuition: $100 Class held at UCS, 2141 Broadway, Oakland


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