Beyond Psychology: Otto Rank and Creation Spirituality

Presenter:  Matthew Fox

Dates:  June 11 – 12, 2004  (check back for times and recommended readings)


This workshop will focus on the work of Otto Rank, of whom Matthew Fox has said: "I consider Otto Rank to be one of the great spiritual giants of the twentieth century, a genius as a psychologist and a saint as a human being, His work, more than any other psychologist's, provides the appropriate psychological basis for Creation Spirituality. In his last book, Beyond Psychology, he warns that we must move beyond psychology and look for cosmology and mysticism, social justice, and feminist wisdom if we are to survive as a species.... His deep understanding of creativity makes him a mentor for all of us living in a postmodern world."

Otto Rank, originally of Freud's inner circle, broke ranks with Freud and developed his own client-centered therapy that in turn strongly influenced Carl Rogers, Rollo May, and many humanist psychologists. His emphasis on the birthing process and the artist (he defines neurosis as the 'failed artist'), on feminism, on societal values, on cosmology (becoming part of the 'Whole' again), and on the 'beyond' and the mystical union, all make him a deep thinker in the Creation Spiritual tradition.

This workshop will include an Art-as-Meditation component.


Dr. Matthew Fox has devoted his career to unleashing the suppressed mystical and life-affirming tradition within Christianity and other faiths. A visionary activist, Matthew has over 25 years of teaching and lecturing experience and is the author of 25 books, translated into many languages. Popular titles include Original Blessing; The Coming of the Cosmic Christ; The Reinvention of Work; and Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet. Matthew Fox is founder and president of the University of Creation Spirituality in downtown Oakland and Co-chair of Naropa University's Oakland campus.