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UCS Certificate & Sabbatical Programs

The innovative educational programs, spiritual practices and challenging courses presented in the Sabbatical & Certificate programs in Creation Spirituality here at the University of Creation Spirituality (UCS) are designed to engage students in serious academic study of the new cosmology, the creation tradition, and post-modern questions and values. These, in addition to experiential processes, value body/mind/spirit modes of learning, self-direction, service to the community, compassion and a reverence for all creation.

The Certificate Program requires 28 to 30 credits of study in one of two tracks. One is a full-time program which can be completed in nine months and the other a weekend program (Weekend of the Spirit WOTS) which allow students to complete the Certificate in two years of weekend courses

Sabbatical students ordinarily complete 14-16 credits of study in either the weekday or WOTS program. Students can begin their course of study in either the Fall or Spring semester. (Beginning dates are September and February respectively.)

"In the two and a half years I have been meeting with my classmates ... I have shed a lifestyle that is rooted in a fear-based survival mode. I'm learning to trust the universe·.All I know is that something larger than me wants me to live my life differently. There is an awareness in me that feels the miraculous synchronicity of how the universe works in supporting me to shift from a dry, dead way to a new, juicy, way of being alive."

- Lyndi Swanson
Human Resources Manager

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