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Submit Your Letters for Matthew Fox's Latest Book

Is the Catholic Church in crisis? Scandals and cover-ups have left many angry and confused. One of the world's most published scholarly theologians will help explore the crisis- through the thoughts of those searching for answers. Matthew Fox, a former Dominican priest, is now compiling letters from Catholics and non-Catholics worldwide and responding to them in his upcoming book, " Letters to My Catholic Brothers and Sisters," to be published later this year.

Now, Fox calls you to share with others your experience of the church at this critical time. Liberate your thoughts on the future of the Catholic Church and the recent challenges that have resulted from what Fox refers to as "a time when the Church has lost much of its moral authority." The desperate search for answers opens the opportunity for you to speak out, ask questions or minister to others a sense of your own grief, vision or clarity.

Letters should be no more than three pages in length and must be accompanied by written authorization for publication. Submission does not guarantee a response.

Letters can be submitted via e-mail to:
[email protected]

Or by mail to:
University of Creation Spirituality
c/o Matthew Fox Letters
2141 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

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