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Summer Workshops
in Creation Spirituality, 2001

Continuing the 21-year tradition of Creation Spirituality Summer Workshops, Friends of Creation Spirtuality and Hollyhock Center are offering these exciting programs of expansive learning and spiritual revitalization. Your workshop experience is sure to expand your mind, deepen your commitment to personal and social transformation, and refresh your enthusiasm for daily life.

Friday, June 29 through Monday, July 2nd

Awakening Imagination for Transformation
University of Creation Spirituality/Naropa University-Oakland Campus
2141 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Matthew Fox, Peter Russell, Apela Colorado, Kevin Peer, Kokoman Clottey,
Cristina Gonzalez, Russill Paul, Kaleo Ching, Robert Rice

Matthew Fox and Peter Russell, author of From Science to God will provide valuable insights through lecture and discussion to guide you on your journey toward personal and social transformation. A wide variety of Art-as-Meditation classes will be offered to awaken your imagination, including Sacred Cinema and Indigenous Mind, offered for the first time! Body Prayer, Rituals, and a Techno Cosmic Mass will round out the spiral of activity during this empowering weekend.

Experience the awe and wonder of a weekend immersion in Creation Spirituality with gifted artists, scientists, theologians, mystics and storytellers.

Body Prayer, Lectures, Rituals, Discussions, Art-as-Meditation
Sacred Cinema, Indigenous Mind, Drumming, Techno Cosmic Mass

Tuition: $295 includes Reception plus 3 meals
$350 after May 15 (some scholarships available)

For information contact 510-835-4827 ext. 34

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July 15-20, 2001

One River, Many Wells & The Direct Path
Hollyhock Center
Cortez Island, British Columbia, Canada

Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey

Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey will explore messages and practices from the worlds spiritual traditions offering wisdom that transforms our understanding of what it means to be human in the 21st century.

Our technological age holds great promise and also devastates the environment. We need deep resources for transformative living. Matthew Fox explores the wisdom from a variety of mystical traditions about relating to creation, divinity, ourselves, and what the divine is asking of us in relating to the future. Andrew Harvey, drawing from long study of the worlds mystical traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, the Kabbalah, and Christian mysticism, shares an illuminating spiritual map anyone can use to develop a direct path to the divine. Both reveal a knowledge and practice that will enable us as well as our childrens children to live in peace with the earth.

Matthew Fox, spiritual teacher and visionary activist, has devoted his career to unleashing the life-affirming traditions within Christianity and other faiths. He is president of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California and Co-Chair of the Master of Liberal Arts in Creation Spirituality degree program of Naropa University--Oakland. He is author of 24 books including Original Blessing and One River, Many Wells.

Andrew Harvey is a poet, novelist, mystical scholar, seeker, teacher and author of more than thirty books, including The Son of Man and The Direct Path: Creating a Journey to the Divine Using the Worlds Mystical Traditions.      

Call 800-933-6339 for costs and housing information. (There are multiple options for housing and food.)

For further information regarding other planned summer programs, contact the University of Creation Spirituality at 510-835-4827 Ext. 10.

The University of Creation spirituality admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation and national or ethnic origin.

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