Dialoguing, Doctor of Ministry Intensive

April 2003

Lutheridge+Lutherock Dining Hall


Creation Spirituality: Exploring Community

Thursday August 19-Sunday, August 22, 2004

Asheville, NC


Those who are part of the creation centered spirituality movement have a deep yearning to live in ways that will express what Thomas Berry calls the  Great Work of our day---living in a way which is sustainable for Earth.  An essential dynamic in doing so is supportive community among those who find their core values expressed in Creation Spirituality.  Join us in exploring ways that such community can be expressed.  This is not a workshop with all the answers.  It is a workshop for exploring alternatives that are available and discovering the possibilities for community appropriate to each participant’s yearning and what we may establish as we gather in Asheville, NC.


(A brochure is available with full descriptions for each session and bios of the leaders. Contact: Grace Hogan, Registrar, 510-835-4827 xt. 14 or email: .)




Thursday, August 19

5:00-7:00         Check in/registration


6:00                 Dinner


6:45—7:15       Opening Ritual                 Mel Bricker , Carol Vaccariello, Steve Torma


7:30-9:00         Keynote   Community Grounded in the Great Story  Michael Dowd

The emergence of a globally created, scientifically sound, and deeply meaningful creation story is  'Great News' for humanity and a just, healthy, beautiful, and sustainably life-giving world for future generations.



9:00                 Gatheringfor fellowship


Friday, August 20

9:00                 Body Prayer                                                                           Steve Torma    

Easy-to-learn chants and movements in sacred circle format. Experience the healing and transformative power of being fully in our bodies, connecting with the divine and each other in a deeply reverent way.  No previous dance experience is necessary.


9:30-12:00       “Discovering and Fulfilling Your Own Great Work”     Michael  Dowd

This workshop highlights an exercise in which participants will be invited to reflect on the key facets of their own great joy, and to notice where their hearts are most touched by Earth's great need. One's role or roles in the Great Work are revealed at the intersections of these two sets.


12:00               Lunch


1:30-4:30         Art-as-Meditation 

§         The Universe Walk(Fri)/ Earth Haven Tour (Sat)                     Steve Torma

Friday:  The Universe Walk, dedicated to Thomas Berry, is a beautiful earthwork spiral that begins with The Great Flaring Forth at the Center and takes you through the 13,500,000 year history of the Universe. Along the spiral are pictures depicting some of the significant transitions in the story of the Universe.


Saturday: Earthaven is a developing ecovillage, dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living and demonstrating holistic, sustainable culture.



§         The Practice of Ritual: Personal, Penetrating, Powerful           Carol Vaccariello

These sessions will explore the development of Creation Spirituality ritual practice from Techno Cosmic Mass to in-home Ritual Gatherings. Bring a sacred object for the circle center and drums and/or rhythm instruments.



§         Practices of the Direct Path                                                    Andrew Harvey

Creating a Journey to the Divine Using the World’s Mystical Traditions, Andrew Harvey will guide students in practices like mindfulness through watching the breath, gratitude, use of mantra, chanting and other methods.



§         Chi Gung: Heave & Earth                                                           Kaleo Ching

Learn a simple, profound Chi Gung movement for health, flexibility, stress reduction, body/mind/spirit balance, and harmony with Heaven and Earth.  Express inner learning through mixed media art techniques.  (no experience needed.)



§         Renewing Worship Through the Creation of  Personal Garments                                                                                                                     Mimi Shakelford

Participants will explore many levels of meaning in symbols, experience deepening of awareness, and the transforming power of working with symbols.  Symbols will be integrated into prayer shawls.


§         Creation Spirituality in the Great Work of Intentional Parenting

        Barbara Nehls-Lowe

This class will help us to experience each of the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality through ritual, meditation, visualization, movement, chant, art and journaling.  Individually and as a group, we will brainstorm how to translate these experiences with the children in our lives. 


6:00                 Dinner


6:45—8:30       Creation  Spirituality Interests”

Individuals and groups are  invited to offer information sessions.  (If you would like to offer an interest group, please contact Mel Bricker at .  Or, phone 510-835-4827 xt. 32.  Persons offering a group will also be provided table space for a display during the workshop.)


8:45pm Gathering --An informal gathering for fellowship.


Saturday, August 21

9:00                 Body Prayer                                                                           Steve Torma


9:30-12:00       “Gathering Community Through Ritual   Jubilee Community

                                                              Howard Hangar, Patte Mitchell, Mimi Shakelford

Learn about  Jubilee Community, an inclusive Christian Community based in a creation centered spirituality and celebrating through community-created liturgy.



12:00               Lunch


1:30-4:30         Art-as-Meditation

                        ( see listing for Friday…the same)


6:00                 Dinner


6:45-8:30                     Creation  Spirituality Interests  --Second Round


8:30                 Celebrating Birth into Abundance                                       Daniel Barber

This  will be a lavish blend of storytelling, music, movement and ritual to engage heart, mind, body and soul.  Drawing on Christian, Native American and mystical traditions, we will express gratitude for new and abundant life, consider the power of sharing our gifts in joyous service, and celebrate our miraculous dance with the community of beings.


Sunday, August 22

8:30-9:30         Worship…Jubilee Community


10:30-11:30     “Gathering Imagination, Energy & Connections for Community”

                              (integrating what has emerged and discerning community connections)


12:00               Lunch


Registration Form

Feel free to print  this form and mail it to:

Grace Hogan, Registrar, UCS, 2141 Broadway, Oakland, CA  94612

Or, you may fax it to: 510-835-0564


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Art-as-Meditation Classes have a limited enrollment.  We ask you to indicate your preferences for the weekend.  We will honor all first choice requests whenever possible.  Early enrollment is your best insurance to reserve your first choice.  Indicate your first three choice in order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd)


___The Universe Walk/Earth Haven Tour                                      ___The Practice of Ritual

___Practices of the Direct Path                                                         ___Chi Gung: Heaven & Earth

___Renewing Worship…Personal Garments                                  ___Creation Spirituality in…Parenting


Tuition: $350.00


Housing and Meals at Lutheridge+Lutherock

Housing: Check your preference.  UCS will seek to honor all preferences.  Register early to assure your preference.  Rates are for three nights---Thursday through Saturday nights.

Thornburg (shared bath)                                                Kohnjoy (private bath)

            ___$135.00 single                                             ___$198.00 single

            __$99.00 per person, double                               ____$111.00 per person, double


Person with whom I plan to room:__________________________________________________

            (please confirm this with the person before listing a name)


Meals total:___  $60.00   (Thurs. evening dinner—Sun. lunch)


Total Due:  Tuition:   ____________   ($350.00 X number registering)

                    Housing: ___________

                    Food:       ____________


                    TOTAL: _____________   (Add tuition, housing & food)


Send registration with payment to the registrar.  

            Make checks payable to: The University of Creation Spirituality


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