Naropa University Oakland

Master of Liberal Arts Program in Creation Spirituality

Digital Documentary Overview Intensive

Fall Semester 2003

CSP 677    Number of Credit Units: 2

Instructor: Kevin Peer  Instructor’s contact telephone number:  415-488-1916


Class Schedule: September 13-14 & Sept. 20-21, 2003

Saturdays, 10:00 am - 6:30 pm (1hr lunch break)

Sundays, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (1hr lunch break)


Course Description: An overview course designed to give students the foundational concepts and techniques involved in digital non-fiction filmmaking as it relates to the creating of Sacred Cinema and to the Creation Spirituality tradition. Topics explored will include: fundamentals of story, the preproduction process, basics of cinematography, fundamentals of lighting, the use and creation of non-intrusive scripting and music, and the foundational elements of editing.


Course Objectives: The objective of this course is that students will gain a complete and coherent understanding of the fundamentals of the digital documentary filmmaking process, from initial story conception to editing, and will discover how this medium can serve the process of expressing the Creation Spirituality tradition in the world.


Required Reading:


Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos: A Practical Guide to Planning, Filming, and Editing Documentaries of Real Events  by Barry Hampe (Henry Holt & Co., NY, 1997)


Directing the Documentary  by Michael Rabiger (Focal Press/Butterworth Publishers, 1997)

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Suggested Reading:


Writing, Directing, ans Producing Documentary Films and Videos by Alan Rosenthal (Southern Illinois University Press, 1996)


Five Essential Steps in Digital Video: A DV Moviemaker’s Tricks of the Trade by Denise Ohio (Que Corporation, 2002)


Course Requirements:


1. Required Reading and attendance of class: 30%


2. Successful completion of class paper. 70%


Total Requirements ………………..100%