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CSP 703                                                   Creating Techno-Cosmic Masses and Ritual Class Schedule:  Fall  2003                  Wednesdays                see Syllabus for times

Carol P. Vaccariello D.Min.                                                              510-835-4827 ext 38




Course Description:


Students apprentice with visual-makers (slides and power-point), DJs, techno-ritual artists, and community-builders who are creative Techno-Cosmic Masses at the Historic Sweet’s Ballroom.  Class work includes contributing to these events and learning how to take these skills to other communities. 

In this course:


·         You will be exposed to the skills and networking required for the crafting of a TCM. 

·         You will be involved in creating the sacred space, building the altars, working with the lighting and sound and being an active participant in three TCMs.

·         You will study the history of sacred ritual, the deconstruction and reconstruction, out of which the Techno Cosmic Mass was birthed. 

·         You will review the Theological framework on which every dimension is hinged and more importantly is at the heart of the Mass.


Course Objectives:


1.   To understand the History and Theology which informs and undergirds the TCM.

2.   To be exposed to the skills that are required to craft a TCM.

3.   To be open to the inner changes that may come during these experiences.

4.   To practice what the TCM prepares each of us to do: 

          Go as Spiritual Warriors and permeate the world.

5.   Introduce the principles of the TCM in your community.


Course Requirements:


            Attendance:                              Three Independent Study Meetings

                                                            Seven TCM Planning Meetings

                                                            Two Production Meetings                                 45%


            Practicum Participation: Work with one team member each month


                                                            Two TCMs

                                                            Tear Down/Clean Up                                       45%   


            Reflective Paper:                                                                                               10%






September 17    10:00-11:59am              Independent Study Session         Carol Vaccariello

                                                            Introduction: History and Theology     


September 21    6:00 – 9:00 pm               Techno Cosmic Mass


September 24 October 1, 8,       

                        12:30-1:30 pm                Planning Meetings                     TCM Planning Team    


October 8         7:00 -8:30 pm                Production Meeting *    


October 12        6:00-11:59 pm                Techno Cosmic Mass and Clean Up**


October 15        11:30-12:15                   Independent Study Session         Carol Vaccariello


October 22, 29 November 5, 12

                        12:30-1:30                     Planning Meetings                     TCM Planning Team


November 12    7:00 -8:30 pm                Production Meeting *


November 16    6:00-11:59pm                 Techno Cosmic Mass and Clean Up**


November 19, December 3

                        12:30-1:30pm                 Planning Meeting


December 3      7:00 – 8:30 pm               Production Meeting


December 7      6:00-11:59 pm                Techno Cosmic Mass and Clean Up**


December 10    Highlights of the Techno Cosmic Mass; A Reflective Paper


*Monthly Production Meetings are held the Wednesday prior to each TCM at the Historic Sweet’s Ballroom beginning at 7:00 p.m.

 **One Practicum block of time on the TCM Weekend as appropriate to your responsibility and participation:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm OR 1:00pm – 5:00 pm

  Arrangements to be negotiated with TCM Team Member with whom you are assigned.




Craig Krstolic                             510-715-8034 (cell)  

                                                                                                510-893-3500 (ofc)