Naropa University Oakland

Master of Liberal Arts Program in Creation Spirituality


Zen Mind Editing Mind Il



CSP 782  Number of Credit Units: 1


Instructor: Kevin Peer  Instructor’s telephone number:  828-216-6638

E-mail:  [email protected]


Class Schedule: Spring Semester, 2003  April 5-6  10am - 6pm


Course Description: A further exploration in the fundamentals of transforming raw digital video footage into a coherent, completed film. This class will be designed to provide a deeper understanding of structure, pacing, and the use of narration, music and sound effects, with an emphasis placed on the editing process as a vehicle for creating a sense of wholeness, interrelatedness, and appropriateness of form.


Course Objectives: To help students develop the more refined skills and sensibilities needed to create completed works which reflect their vision and intent and which can be experienced as coherent and compelling stories by viewers.


Course Requirements:


1. Attendance of class: 30%


2. Successful completion of class assignments. 70%

The class assignment will involve the refinement of their first class assignment project or the completion of a new short video piece that demonstrates a deeper understanding of and facility for structure, pacing, and the use of narration, music, and sound effects.



Total Requirements ………………..100%