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Creation Spirituality & Spiritual Cinema

Opportunity and Challenge

Never before in human history have so many people had such sophisticated tools for documenting the unfolding drama of our planet and its peoples. Digital camcorders are rapidly democratizing the filmmaking process and empowering millions to create vivid records of their perceptions, experiences and stories. But these tools pose a challenge as well as a great opportunity: How can we learn the considerable skills needed for the medium of filmmaking and create content that is of benefit to human existence?

Spiritual Cinema

A new course track in Spiritual Cinema has been developed for the Master of Liberal Arts in Creation Spirituality program at Naropa-Oakland. This track will provide students with the necessary tools of perception and storytelling as well as the hands-on technical knowledge of the filmmaking process. The goal of this training is to prepare the student for their use of the medium to evoke humankind's capacity for compassion, love, courage, and reverence for all life.

Creation Spirituality

The philosophical and spiritual matrix that the Spiritual Cinema track takes place in emphasizes the tradition of Creation Spirituality. This tradition seeks to integrate the wisdom of Western spirituality and global indigenous cultures with the emerging scientific understanding of the universe and the passionate creativity of art. The Spiritual Cinema track in combination with Creation Spirituality provides an awakened sense of the sacred and assures that the content of filmmaking contributes to the re-enchantment of our existence and the path of healing and understanding among peoples, communities and Earth.


Seminar Courses
A History of Spiritual Cinema
Digital Documentary Filmmaking

Art-as-Meditation/Art of Community Building Courses
Zen Mind, Editing Mind I
Cinema as Meditation
Zen Mind, Editing Mind II
Living Wisdom Interviews
Embodying Story


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