Doctor of Ministry Degree and Certificate Program in Creation Spirituality


The Doctor of Ministry at Wisdom University is a revolutionary educational approach. Not only is it the first Doctor of Ministry program in Creation Spirituality, it is the only such program focused on the Reinvention of Work. Wisdom University serves as the learning ground for students to deepen their spiritual path, re-discover the sacred in their lives, re-invent their work, and transform their ideas into action. Social workers, doctors, lawyers, artists, therapists, business men and women, clergy and social activists alike have enrolled in this program. Our students are predominantly working adults who come from all parts of the nation and world. Students are expected to live and work in their home communities, but to come for one- or two-week intensives, and to take what they are learning back to their communities and work places. All indications are that this is a powerful process.

This program is helping me to integrate and synthesize all of my talents and skills as a writer, film maker, and public speaker with my life's work. It's helping me to learn new ways to talk, to look, and to help people connect.
Patricia Waak
D.Min. Student Ecologist-Psychologist

Wisdom University students engage body, mind and spirit to learn the new cosmology, alternative forms of ritual, the wisdom of century-old mystics, spiritual companioning, creative forms of art, and how to practice justice-making and compassion with ourselves, Mother Earth and other living beings in their work worlds. They learn to bring inner work and outer work together. In this context the University reclaims its medieval meaning of wisdom school as it engages students with the community to learn from each other and work toward a common goal.

Wisdom University will awaken reverence, awe, gratitude, and commitment to service as students acquire new knowledge and wisdom to reinvent their work, and help transform their culture.

For further information regarding registration, tuition, or program inquiries, please contact the Admissions Office: 415-561-2345, .

Wisdom University admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation and national or ethnic origin.

Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Ministry requires completion of ten, five-day intensives (Monday to Friday), plus a dissertation. The program is designed to be completed within 5 years of beginning. Students earn 4 credits in each of ten intensives, one credit for Candidate Review, and 13 for the final Dissertation. This brings the total credits earned to 54, for degree completion.

Body Prayer is an experience of prayer and meditation that begins each day. Seminars are classes that engage participants in provocative dialogue and intellectual discipline. Art-as-Meditation classes awaken creativity through expression of body and soul. This unique methodology unites head-work with heart-work, and analysis with intuition. Process Group allows for the conscious integration of the Doctor of Ministry experience in small group settings.

Course work

Doctor of Ministry students prepare for each seminar by completing the required reading. In addition, students bring a five-to-ten page Pre-paper based on these readings. Within two months of the seminar, students complete a ten-to-fifteen-page Post-paper, integrating the readings and seminar material.

Candidate Review

Upon successful completion of the five required core seminars and papers, each student will submit two copies of the graded core-required Post-papers. A meeting is scheduled to certify the preparedness of the student to begin the dissertation process. Following successful completion of this review, the candidate formulates a written statement of intent which must be approved before the commencement of the dissertation. The doctoral candidate also forms a committee including a Wisdom University Professor, a peer in the doctoral program, and an outside expert or mentor in their field of study.

Doctor of Ministry Dissertation or Project

Candidates will have a minimum of one-and-a-half years to complete a final D.Min. Dissertation or Project. The Dissertation or Project may take a variety of forms, such as a research document, a creative learning project, teaching, or other tasks showing the candidate is actively applying Creation Spirituality principles to his or her own work.

An Example of Seminars Offered:
Immersion in Creation Spirituality
Wisdom Scriptures
The New Cosmology
Urban Spirituality
Reinvention of Work
Medieval Mystics
Mystics of the East and West: Deep Ecumenism
Vision Quest

Additional Elective Seminars Offered:
Hildegard of Bingen
The New Consciousness and Healing
New Jewish Spirituality
Everyday Rituals
Sacred Sexuality
African-American Spirituality
Celtic Spirituality
Contemporary Mystics

Art-as-Meditation Classes Include:
Shabda Yoga
Native American Rituals
Painting as Meditation
Journeying with the Chakras
Dancing Our Wisdom
Tai Chi and Mask Making
African-American Rituals

Art-as-Meditation is the primary form of prayer in the creation-centered tradition. Ritual itself is a practice of art-as-meditation.

See our Art-as-Meditation page for detailed information.

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